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Return to Lonesome Lowman 2015 Results

Post by Cool Hand Suz » September 14th, 2015, 8:05 pm

Another Return to Lonesome Lowman is in the record books. We had a great weekend with a bit warmer than normal temperatures. There were 48 shooters from 5 states all gathered to campout and gunfight in the Sawtooth Mountains.(Angel Eyes and Rossow came just for the side matches and Saturday's dinner).

We'd like to thank everyone who attended and helped make the event a success. We also want to give a shout out to our culinary aficionados, Grubbin' BBQ, Canyon Street Bistro, and Skinner's Dutch-oven Magic. A big thanks to Cream Puff for bringing some of her awesome baked goods for prizes. Curley's chili wasn't too bad either. ;)


Champion- Kid Rango
2nd Place- Dark Shooter

Champion- Texas Rose
2nd Place- Two Talker
3rd Place- Hollywood
4th Place- Diamond Rio
5th Place- Legally Loaded
6th Place- Mustang Sally
7th Place- Wench
8th Place- Gunpowder Puff
9th Place- Lady Drifter
10th Place- Miss Chevus
11th Place- Karr'Un Iron
12th Place- Mustang Annie
13th Place- Cool Hand Suz
14th Place- Lady Hawk
15th Place- Krazy Kate
16th Place- Ms. Hettie
17th Place- Spitfire
18th Place- Sagebrush Sal
19th Place- Fannie Mae
20th Place- Lil' Britches
21st Place- Gunfighter's Granny

Champion- Tin Bender
2nd Place- Buzzard Cooper
3rd Place- Red Ryder
4th Place- Vic Torious
5th Place- Tucson
6th Place- Curley Calhoun
7th Place- Kid Creggar
8th Place- Gambit
9th Place- Jimmie o
10th Place- Skinner
11th Place- Buckshot Luther
12th Place- Gambler
13th Place- Tennessee Hustler
14th Place- Gentleman George
15th Place- Bounty Hunter
16th Place- Red Lead Slinger
17th Place- Hell Hammer
18th Place- Mongo
19th Place- Blackjack
20th Place- Alamo Outlaw
21st Place- Idaho Bandit
22nd Place- Idaho Stretch
23rd Place- Gray Wolf

Side Match Champions
Eliminator- Vic Torious
Nite Fire- Vic Torious & Gunpowder Puff
Poker Run- Rossow & Lady Hawk
Walkin” Tall Shootin’ Small- Idaho Bandit & Lady Hawk
Hit it & Win it- Hell Hammer
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