7th Annual Leather & Lace - Feb 21, 2015

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7th Annual Leather & Lace - Feb 21, 2015

Post by Cool Hand Suz » November 29th, 2014, 10:24 am

Ladies – It’s time to gather your sponsors and gear up for the 7th Annual Leather & Lace. To celebrate the seventh year, we will have more prizes - more fun - more pampering. Ever wonder what why we celebrate 7’s? Well, they are Curley’s initials (LLL) upside down.
This match will be 7 rounds, Come to Shoot format, followed by seeding for a Fantastic 5 Championship Shoot-off. The champion will receive a Sawtooth Showdown Leather & Lace buckle! Payouts to top 3 and trophies will go to top 5. Every Lady shooter receives a special gauntlet gift.

Gentlemen – It’s time to step up again, sponsor a lady and join in the fun that is Leather & Lace. Don’t forget to bring your guns & gear. After the infamous gauntlet for the ladies, the men will have a gauntlet of their own. Yep! Each sponsor will shoot a 1x,2 out of 3 match. Get this…You will be seeded by where your lady placed in the match! Did you sponsor more than one lady? If so, that’s another chance to win. This special gauntlet will go to the last man standing, who will earn himself the coveted Leather & Lace arm garter.

Full registration form has been submitted to be posted soon under the CFDA 2015 Events.

When: February 21, 2015
Time: Sign-up 9AM – 9:45AM with a 10AM Kick-off
Entry Fee: $25.00
Where: Idaho City Community Center
Lunch: The Sawtooth Shootist Society will provide baked chicken. The men will need to bring the side dishes (potatoes, pasta, etc).
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