I know how you guys feel about men's jewelry but...

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I know how you guys feel about men's jewelry but...

Post by pushat » June 15th, 2022, 4:09 pm

Hey guys! So it's my 4-year anniversary very very soon (a matter of days!) and I am desperately trying to decide on a gift for my boyfriend. Something I'm thinking of is possibly getting a necklace. You guys might react badly to this but here's my reasoning: he's had a necklace since 2005/2006, here's a pic of it. One of his best friends gave that to him, so he really liked it and it had sentimental value, but it snapped around New Years. He was sad but took it fine, said it was "time to move on" anyways. I want to get him a necklace he'll really like and actually wear everyday, just like that one. If I can't find one I know he'll love and wear daily, then I guess I'll think of something else.

Guess I'm looking for any advice on nice, clean, simple guy necklaces, if anyone has any advice. Just for some extra info: his attire consists of simple sweaters, white v-necks, button-down long sleeves, a dark green JCrew jacket (similar to the Barbour Bedale), APCs (PS and NS), Iron Hearts, and Aldens. I can provide pictures if need be.
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