John Taffin Championship

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John Taffin Championship

Post by SMOKE WAGON » March 11th, 2015, 7:33 pm

A fast reminder to all the gunfighters out there.
The John Taffin Championship will be March 14th this year at the Treasure Valley Gun Slingers indoor range. Looks to be about 20-25 shooters so far and we have plenty of ways to win a little coin.
We also have a long gun that 6 lucky shooters can compete for. Championship buckles for the Top Man and the Top Lady.
This is a Long Gun only match and the entry is $50.00
We will be shooting the I Came to Shoot Format so everyone is in it to win it for 7 rounds. We will have a Magnificent 7 1x shoot off. Feel free to call Smoke Wagon or the Mrs. at 208-392-6044 if more info is needed. We have a new Web Site under construction so stay tuned for that by the next weekend or so. Hope to see ya all soon!

PS. Here are our monthly match results from last weekend below. You might say a practice match for the upcoming Taffin shoot. Even I straped on a long gun for the first time. Those things are for real men I'm here to tell ya. I went home and had a great nights rest. My right arm is still draging behind me: :lol: Its going to be a blast!!!

Howdy all.

The Idaho Shootists monthly shoot, held at the Notus Range, was yet another fun day. Although it was pretty tuff being indoors while the weather was so nice, we made the best of it. Thank you to those that brought food for the pot luck. I think most will agree that we can guarantee a filling lunch at these pot lucks. We had 10 gents and four ladies in attendance; mostly long-gunners getting in their final practice shoot before Taffin next Saturday.

Here are the results:

1st ~ Buzzard Cooper & Sagebrush Sal Great job Sagebrush Sal ! :-)
2nd ~ Skinner & Mustang Annie
3rd ~ Tin Bender & Krazy Kate
4th ~ Red Lead Slinger & Lady Buzzard
5th ~ Trinity
6th ~ Bounty Hunter
7th ~ Diamond Gem Dandy
8th ~ Tucson
9th ~ Smoke Wagon
10th ~ Old Buzzard

Pinkertons were won by Sagebrush Sal (taken from Lady Buzzard), and Trinity (taken from Diamond Gem Dandy)

Quarter Pots were won by Tucson on Target #4, and by Old Buzzard on Target #3. The pots on Target #'s 1 & 2 will be held for the next monthly shoot.... Target #1 pot is still growing!!!!

Triple Treat was won by Skinner, I do believe with a 444.

Flat pot was won by Old Buzzard, with a 1.200.

and finally,

Fastest shot, with a long gun, was Trinity with a 393.
Monthly results by: Mustang Annie
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Re: John Taffin Championship

Post by SMOKE WAGON » March 15th, 2015, 3:40 pm

2015 John Taffin Challenge
Shoot Results

We had us a fun shootout at the TVGS indoor range. This year we had 19 long gunners show up to throw down for the buckles and bragging rights. We had plenty of games involved with the shoot and over 20 ways to win a piece of the pie. A good time was had by all and we had some fast times shot for long guns. .355 is just ridiculous with a long gun.
Any way the Ladies shoot off went something like this: And then there were 7. After 7 rounds of the I CAME TO SHOOT format we found out who the magnificent 7 were and the lady’s gunfight began. We had Lady Buzzard and Lady Hawk toe the line for fourth place. Lady Hawk jumped out to a 2-0 lead and lost the target. Lady Buzzard just kept pounding the target with wax. Six shots rang out and Lady Buzzard put Lady Hawk out in 4th place. Then we had Legally Loaded step up for her chance. This time Lady Buzzard jumped on Legally Loaded with that 2-0 early lead and Legally Loaded had to fight back taking the next three shots to win, putting Lady Buzzard in 3rd place. That put Legally Loaded up against the deadly Annie B Good. She was the Ladies EL Warner Dead Eye award winner missing only 4 shots all day. She has been in this position before and held nothing back. When the 4th shot rang on the target and the smoke cleared Legally Loaded got 2nd place and Annie B Good was our 2015 John Taffin Ladies Champion and she earned it. Great shooting Ladies and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for attending!
Now the men had something to prove. Now we had Nevada Slim and Red Lead Slinger toe the line. They got down to 2-2 and the crowd went quiet. Then pow-ting and with one hit and a miss Red Lead Slinger went to the stands in 7th place. Then Trinity stepped up for his chance. Nevada started it off and then Trinity came back like a mad man shooting his way out of a bank with 3 in a row that were just a bit faster than Slim's. So that meant Nevada Slim was out in 6th place. Now it was Tin Bender stepping up to give his best. They both missed the first one and then the metal started singing. Tin Bender came in with 3 low 4's in a row and that was plenty good to take Trinity out in 5th place. Our 3rd seed contender Montana who is out of Idaho (go figure that one) stepped up to throw some wax down the lanes. Tin Bender and Montana both found the target early but they also lost it for a few. When they both got the aim a bit straighter they both hit with Tin Bender sending Montana home to clean his gun in 4th place. Now Gambler, our 2nd seed stepped up to defend his spot. It was a grip it and rip it fest with these two men taking it all the way out to the 9th shot to get our winner and sending Gambler out for a hug from his wife in 3rd place. Now the show we were all waiting for and these two were both frothing to win the very nice buckle we had awaiting the champion-Buzzard Cooper vs Tin Bender! Both had shot very well all day and were ready for the other. With a firm hand shake and a “good luck” they were ready to start this show. Pow-pow-pow. Three shots in and we were 0-0? What in the world we all looked at each other. Then they both hit Tin Bender’s .410 beat Buzzard Cooper's .438 and we had 1-0. We had to go 5 more to get a .404 from Tin Bender, putting them at 2-0 in Tin Bender's favor. Then out of nowhere, Buzzard Cooper, decided enough was enough and his focus came together. Hitting the next 3 shots all in mid 4's we had our 2015 John Taffin Men's Champion. With hugs and handshakes it was in the books.
Now we had one last issue to take care of and that was a new gun to give away. We didn't just want to draw a name out of a hat and hand it out. Where is the fun in that with just a few seconds of drama. So we had a shootout to find a winner of the gun. Krazy Kate drew a numbered chip and that person and the next 5 down the list toed the line. So this is how this all went down. Nevada Slim took down Red Lead Slinger to move to the next level. Rossow whipped Smoke Wagon and then Marshal Cooper got very lucky and beat out Legally Loaded (9 rounds?). Now we had the three winners step up to the line for a bye round. Nevada Slim was the only one to hit so he got to sit back and wait for a victim. With three 3's in 5 shots it was Marshal Cooper winning his way back in for one last chance. Now remember Nevada Slim only missed a few shots all day and he kept it up now. After 4 shots the smoke cleared and the winner of the new long gun was...Yep you guessed it Slim, Nevada Slim, that is aka the Maker of Shade, as us Idahoans call him, with love of course. So we wrapped it all up by handing out all the awards, giving hugs and saying, “Good-bye” until next year on April 2.

Here are the final results:

Ladies Finals
1- Annie B Good
2- Legally Loaded
3- Lady Buzzard
4- Lady Hawk

Men’s Finals
1-Buzzard Cooper
2-Tin Bender
6- Nevada Slim
7-Red Lead Slinger
8-Smoke Wagon
10-Marshal Cooper
11- Cody
12-Old Buzzard
13-Bounty Hunter
14-Wild Shot
15-Legend Hunter

Triple Threat winners
Cody & Legally Loaded

Flat winners
Bounty Hunter and ??? The ladies didn't shoot one so we defaulted to the half flat. Lady Hawk

Pinkerton winners
Buzzard Cooper & Lady Buzzard

Fastest Shot winners
Marshal Cooper & Annie B Good

2016 John Taffin free entry winners
Bounty Hunter & Lady Buzzard

And the Gun winner
Nevada Slim

Thanks again to all that attended and especially those that had many miles to cross to get here. It was truly a blast!!!

Thank you to my wonderful wife and Wild Shot for their computer and score keeping skills.

Thank you to Krazy Kate for a job well done with the awards and scorekeeping.

Thank you to all the announcers and range masters who willingly jumped in to help without being asked.

Thank you also Canyon Creek Restaurant for bringing us breakfast and lunch. The meals were tasty and very well priced!
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