Old Pueblo Gunfighters "GUNFIGHT at OLD TUCSON 2012"

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Re: Old Pueblo Gunfighters "GUNFIGHT at OLD TUCSON 2012"

Post by buckshot chavez » January 17th, 2012, 8:52 am

ArizonaRanger wrote:Thank you Buckshot, Rattler, Noah, Ghost Rider and everyone else doing all the work to make the shoot possible. It was a very special time for my son & I to win agan this year. Sorry I had to take Old West out with a couple of recovery hits but he's just to good to give a chance to.
Congratulations it was FUN :lol:
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Re: Old Pueblo Gunfighters "GUNFIGHT at OLD TUCSON 2012"

Post by Rattler » January 17th, 2012, 10:03 pm

Ditto on everything Buckshot said!!! I want to thank Mr Noah Chance for the use of some of the equip. Muletrain & Thirsty for running the computer scoring, All the OPG members who helped set up and teardown afterwards(Brasada Spur & Granny Oakly, Don Jose, Coop, Mel, Buckshot Chavez & Family, Little Rattler....)

I also want to thank Ghost Rider for all his help with the range and working with our new R/O's, and letting them get thier feet wet working a big match. Thank You Sir!!!

I want to thank all the gunfighters who came to shoot. Your the ones that make these events other wise we would be just some folks standing around with really cool stuff.

Congradulattions to all the winners!!!

Look forward to seeing Y'all in Tombstone.....

Last but not least I want to thank Old Tucson for letting us play our game of Cowboy Fast Draw.
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