Informational Videos

Be sure to watch the new 8 part series by Quick Cal
Introducing How to Get Started in Cowboy Fast Draw
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Part 1 - Introduction & Time Period

Part 2 - Six-Gun & Holsters

Part 3A - Ammunition

Part 3B - Targets & Timers

Part 4 - Clothing & Aliases

Part 5 - Safety

Part 6 - On the Firing Line

Part 7 - How a Contest Works


Part 8 - Basic Drawing Techniques

CFDA Basic Scoring System Webinar

Part 1

Part 2

Cowboy Fast Draw with country music duo Montgomery Gentry
Quick Cal giving Cowboy Fast Draw lessons to Troy Gentry

Knife Throwing Demo by Quick Cal using the Gunslinger Timer

Ruger Firearms video - Beginner's Guide to Shooting Cowboy Fast Draw

Oregon Ranger (14 Years old) winning the 2011 Fastest Gun Alive of CFDA

Fast Draw - A quick Overview & History