Official Testimonials

The testimonial letters below are from local officials or sponsors that have worked with CFDA event hosts. Members can print these letters to use when working with officials to help get approval for future contests.

If you've worked with an official or sponsor, and have a similar letter, please foward to CFDA Director, Quick Cal at for use by other hosts.

Letter of Endorsement Sheriff Mark Donaldson, Ector County Sheriff, Odessa, TX
Letter of Endorsement Tim McDaniel, Chief of Police in Mounds, OK
Letter of Endorsement  Sheriff Trotter of Fallon, NV
County Sheriff page 1, page 2 Sheriff David Miles of Davison County, South Dakota.

Chief of Public Safety Lyndon Overweg, Chief of the Mitchell Department of Public Safety in South Dakota.

Mayor Mayor Lou Sebert of Mitchell, South Dakota.

State Fair Events Coordinator Candi Hettinger of the South Dakota State Fair.

Corporate Communications Thomas Glanzer of NorthWestern Energy.