CFDA Rules, Regulator Guidelines, Range Officer Course & Definitions:

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(9th Edition - effective January 1st, 2017)
(Be sure to scroll down to the Rules Clarifications & Addendums section to check for recent updates)

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Please check the Rules Clarifications section below for any changes or clarifications to the Gunslinger's Guidelines.


Rules Clarifications & Addendums:

9th Edition Rules Addenduns-
2018 Addendums -(effective February 15th, 2018)

Wheel Chair Addendum (1-9-17)


 Explaining CFDA Gun Requirements (9th Edition)
List of Approved Six-Guns (as of March 20th, 2018)

Why? 17-3/16" & Balloon-Disc Targets - By Quick Cal (updated 7-18-17)

Informational Articles:

CFDA Logo Policy

 Article- Is There A Gut Shot - By Quick Cal

Article- Enforcement Policy Results Technical Rule #17 - By Quick Cal (published in Gunslingers Gazette April 2016)

Article- Speed, Accuracy, Recovery, and Late Shots - By Quick Cal (published in Gunslinger's Gazette April 2016)

Article- How to Load CFD Cartridges

Article- Interpreting Rules (4 Tests)

Article- Traveling on Airlines with Guns

Article- Try Cowboy Fast Draw


 Marshal Muster Information:

2014 Marshals Muster Agenda

2014 Marshals Muster Minutes

 2015 Marshals Muster Agenda

2015 Marshals Muster Minutes

2017 Marshals Muster Agenda

2017 Marshals Muster Minutes/MarshalMuster Attendance


Range Officer Training:

This program is designed to promote "Safety First". CFDA is an NRA Affiliated organization that promotes safe range operation training as well as introduces and teaches younger shooters safe firearm handling techniques.

Qualified Range Officers (updated 11/15/18) - Click HERE to View List of Certified Range Officers

Range Officer Program Student Guide (6th Edition) updated March 2018

New Range Officer/ Range Master Policy

Range Operations Written Exam - For Range Officers & Range Masters (Revised October 2017)

Range Officer Recertification

Range Officer Quick Reference Brochure


Be sure to stay up to date with RO Course Class Dates, questions and answers, and other helpful information on the CFDA Telegraph!  Click HERE to find a course near you.


Basic Safety & Youth Training Program

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association takes great pride in teaching the younger generation the fundamentals and respect of safe gun handling and competing. 

Click here to view our Basic Safety - Youth Training.pdf

Youth Shooter ID cards are issued at the Club Level:

Youth Shooter ID Card (front)

 Regulator Guidelines



Regulator Guidelines:
You can also review our  Regulator Guidelines . The Regulator Posse was formed to help support the growing number of CFDA members and affiliated clubs, and to help grow the sport by helping new clubs become affiliated and add members.


Regulators & Territories

Territory map 2013

Posse Administrators

Mongo & Wench
Home: (970)731-9140
Cell: (303)842-0408
342 Cimarrona Cr
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147


Territory Alias & Phone # E-Mail
1. Great Northwest Territory- Bounty Hunter  (208)250-9248
Legally Loaded  (208)697-0282
Appointed Original

PG Taylor (208)732-6123
Appointed Original
Curly Calhoun & Cool Hand Suz
Appointed Original 
  Wild Shot (209)675-2760
Appointed 2013
2. Western Territory- No Daisy (209)262-7643
Appointed 2016
3. Four Corners Territory- Thirsty  (602)300-1325
Appointed 2011
4. High Plains Territory- Boulder Vaquero & Boulder's Babe
Appointed Original
5. Great Plains Territory- Vacant
Deacon & Angel Lady retired 2016
6. Southern Territory- Windmill Kid (432)664-1913
Appointed 2012
Gentleman George & Texas Rose
Appointed 2014
7. Eastern- Ringo (540)819-1697
Appointed 2011
Von Zipper (904)626-6520
Appointed 2016
8. Great Lakes Territory- Fossilman & Lightnin (218)496-5715
Appointed 2016
International- Honcho "Ueli Bracher"  - Switzerland
Appointed 2016




Helpful Tips to putting on a sucessful match:


Click here to view some tips for  Putting on a Match

Click here for  Shooters Meeting Checklist

 Click here for Bracket Matches Information and How to Put on  a Bracket Match (previously published in the Gunslingers Gazette)

 Cowboy Fast Draw Scoring Posse -
       - FGA (2017) Standard Operating Scoring Procedures

 CFDA Basic Scoring System Instructional Webinar


 Part 1

 Part 2








Administrative Actions



Disciplinary Actions


Jon Wilson - October 8th, 2009 - Suspension - Notified by Registered Mail
Jon Wilson was fined $250, ordered to write a letter of apology to CFDA Management, and to acknowledge his actions, due to numerous acts both reported and witnessed of unsportsmanlike conduct at CFDA events.


Jon Wilson - November 9th, 2009 - Membership Revocation - Notified by Registered Mail
Jon Wilson's membership was revoked in CFDA for a period of not less than One-Year. Wilson's $250 check was returned, along with any unused portions of his dues, due to an unacceptable response to the October 8th, 2009 suspension. Furthermore, to be reconsidered for CFDA membership, Wilson must complete a State of California Approved Anger Management Course. Wilson must also write a sincere letter of apology to the membership of CFDA and promise not to repeat this behavior in the future.