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CFDA Shoot For The Stars Scholarship Fund

CFDA Shoot for the Stars Inc. Is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of supplying educational opportunities in the form of scholarships to active members of the CFDA between the ages of 17 and 26 years

CFDA Shoot for the Stars Inc. received its tax exempt status in December 2011

Application period for scholarships is January 1st through June 30th of the year in which scholarship is being awarded.  Scholarships will be awarded through the applicant’s college, university, or trade school.  Awards will be announced on the CFDA website and Shoot for the Stars Facebook page on August 1st and in the CFDA Gunfighters Gazette.

Scholarships will automatically be renewed on a year to year basis provided that the recipient maintains a cumulative 2.50 GPA or higher, has presented a letter from a CFDA US Marshall or Regulator that you have attended a sanctioned event or been active throughout the season.  However, the award amount of the renewal will be determined on a competitive basis and the previous-years award amount is not guaranteed.  Scholarships are only good for undergraduate degrees and will not be awarded or extended for post-graduate studies.  Scholarships are for full time students only.

Scholarships awarded through this institution are competitive.  While all applicants will be given the opportunity to compete for an award, the most qualified applicants will receive the highest award.  Maximum current award for the most qualified applicant is $2500.00.  Standard award for students enrolling in accredited post-secondary college or university is $2000.00.  Students choosing to pursue a technical/vocational trade or non-accredited course of study will receive a maximum award for 2 years.

The new rule was implemented in July 2016. All scholarship recipients must be physically active in the sport and not just hold a CFDA membership.  It is also your responsibility to keep up with deadlines, you will not be reminded of them.  This could interfere with your scholarship.

All returners must send a current transcript and letter by June 30 deadline or your scholarship will be revoked.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about this program, please email us at Shoot for the Stars.

Thank you and Good Luck to all applying:

Windmill Kid aka Randy Smith - President

Miss Betty aka Betty Smith - Sec/Tres  432-924-8116

JUNE 30th of each year
To request an application, please email us at:
 Mailing address:
Shoot For The Stars
18013 South County Rd. 1357
Odessa, TX 79766-9434

Board of Directors
Windmill Kid- President                Miss Betty - Secretary/Treasurer
432-664-1913                                 432-924-8116

Gentleman George
Boulder Vaquero
Slow Poke
Quick Cal

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CFDA Shoot for the Stars Recipients
Year     Name  Alias  Club 
2021 Dalton Wright Richochet Ribon Randolph County Rangers
2021 Jayden Eilrich Sheriff Rango The Great Basin Gunhawks
2021 Cole Hunter Wiley Coyote The Lone Star Gunslingers
2021 Daniel Johnstons Winny D Powder Horn Ranch Regulators *2nd Scholarship
2020 Michael Dobbins Blind Billy Virginia Peacemakers
2020 Zane McCoy Crosswired Crooked River Rangers
2020 Kolton Royalty Lil Country Trader Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2020 Zachary King Akarate Zach Cross Branded Peacemakers
2020 Hanny Oakley Black River Bandits
2019 Arkansas Angel Randolph Country Rangers
2019 Lonestar Leadslinger  Big Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Marshall Dylan Big Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Trigger Happy Big Thicket Bushwackers
2019 Willy Hit It Big Thicket Bushwackers
2018 Bandanna Kid Old Peublo Gunfighters
2018 Crazy Jane Route 66 smOKin Guns
2018 Harley Quinn The Deputies
2018 Hot Lead Hooligan Virginia
2018 June Bug Comanche Moon Renegades
2018 Miss Lily Belle The Cowboys
2017 Lily Bateman Tiger Lily Lone Star Gunslingers
2017 Danielle Johnston Winny D Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2016 Gabrielle Smith Sassy Wisconsin Peacekeepers
2016 Glenn Walborn One Shot Barney Wisconsin Peacekeepers
2015 Justice James Sibole  Eagle Eye Association of Arizona Gunslingers
2015 Wyatt Trautman TNT Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2015 Emily Love Heffay Old Dominion Fast Draw
2015 Elissa Long Sweet Pea Idaho Shootist
2014 Levi Pumphrey  Levi Garrett  Deer Creek Regulators
2014 Krystal Castell   Saguaro Bloom  Old Pueblo Gunfighters
2013  Cockeye Reno Peacemakers 
2013  Austin Brower  Little Greg Gunner  Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2013 Jake Trautman Saddle Sore  Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
2013 Loto Sawtooth Shootist Society
2012 Cody Luthy One Shot Cody Sparks Nebraska Spurs
2012 Dakota Monroe   Lil’ Sis Virginia
2011 Courtney Williams   Babalooey Association of Arizona Gunslingers
2014 Recipients

ShootforStars Little Gregg Gunner Photo

Austin Brower AKA Little Gregg Gunner is an active member of CFDA badge #1526 and a member of the Powder Horn Ranch Regulators in South Dakota. He graduated in 2013 from Stevens High School in Rapid City South Dakota and received a Shoot for the Stars scholarship last year to help him further his education at the Mitchell Technical Institute where he maintained a 3.9 GPA. This year he was awarded his second scholarship of $2,000.00 to help him in his second year of his higher education.




ShootforStars Saddle Sore Phot

Jake Trautman AKA Saddle Sore is a member of the PHRR and an active member of CFDA badge # 1418. He is a 2013 graduate of T F Riggs High School in Pierre South Dakota. He was a 2013 recipient of a Shoot for the Star scholarship last year. He attends the Southwest Technical Institute where he has maintained a 4.0 GPA. He has been involved in the Suicide Prevention Car Show in 2013 and in 2014. He has worked at Sioux Falls Ford from 2013 until May of this year where he is now working full time at Capital Motors in Pierre and also part time at Running Farm and Fleet. He is planning to return to work at Sioux Falls Ford again in August when he returns to school. He has received his second scholarship in the amount $2,000.00 for the 2014 school year.




ShootforStars Levi Garrett Photo

Levi Pumphrey AKA Levi Garrett is a 2014 graduate of Phillipsburg High School in Phillipsburg Kansas. He maintained a 3.5 GPA where he was involved in 4-H and the Iowa Union 4-H Club for 4 years. He held and officers position almost every year including Vice President and secretary for 2 years. He is active in numerous community activities. He is an active member of CFDA badge #1616 and a member of the Deer Creek Regulators. He will attend Southeast Community College in the fall. He has received a $2,000.00 scholarship.


ShootforStars Sequaro Bloom Photo

Krystal Castell AKA Saguaro Bloom is an active member of CFDA badge #3331 and a member of the Old Pueblo Gunfighters. She is a 2014, graduate of Rincon High School in Tucson, AZ. Where she maintained a 3.39 GPA and was in the top 15 percent of her class. She was very involved with her school and a member of various clubs including student council. She was also involved in 4-H most of her high school years. She learned shortly after becoming involved in Cowboy Fast Draw that it has helped her expand her love of her community, with all the experiences they have taught her something important that will help her become a hard worker and a valuable member of society. She has received a $1,400.00 scholarship to help her in her higher education in Chemistry and Pre-Pharmacy at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

2013 Recipients
ShootforStars 2013One Shot Cody
One Shot Cody - Returning for a 2nd year award was One Shot Cody. Starting his 2nd year at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture he hit it out of the park last year maintaining a 3.27 cumulative grade point average making the members of the Sparks Spurs proud, and making it easy for our evaluation board to give him a nod for a 2nd year.
ShootforStars 2013Cockeye
Cockeye - a member of the Reno Peacemakers, was our highest ranked applicant. He graduated high school having already earned 39 college credit hours at the University of Nevada-Reno, where he is enrolled. He earned several “impressives” and a couple of “wow’s” from our evaluation board.
ShootforStars Little Gregg Gunner Photo
Little Gregg Gunner - a member of the Powderhorn Ranch Regulators. He will be attending the Mitchell Technical Institute.
ShootforStars Saddle Sore Phot
Saddle Sore -will be attending the Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, and is also a member of the Powderhorn Ranch Regulators.
ShootforStars 2013Loto
Loto - was our lady gunfighter, from Middleton Idaho and a member of the Sawtooth Shootist Society. She will be attending the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, Idaho.
2012 Recipients

 CShootforStars 2012OneShotCodyody Luthy aka One Shot Cody

shoots out of the great state ofNebraska, and lives in Sparks.  He is attending the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Beaver Creek Kid calls him a “straight shootin’ cowboy in every sense of the word”. It is our opinion that he will go on to do great things. He was given a $2,000 award, and we look forward to seeing how he does in the Nebraska college system.





ShootforStars 2012Dakota

Dakota Monroe aka Lil’ Sis - shooting out of the great state of Virginia. She is currently attending Virginia Tech and just completed her reign as Miss Rodeo Virginia (2011). She is described as having a very competitive spirit, and brings a smile to the faces of those around her. She was also awarded a $2,000 scholarship, and we are sure she will make a positive impact at her university.
2011 Recipient

ShootforStars 2011Babalooey

Courtney Williams aka Babalooey - Babalooey is the first recipient of the CFDA Shoot For The Stars Scholarship.  She hails from the great state of Arizona and is a member of the CFDA and the Association of Arizona Gunslingers. She is attending college at Chandler-Gilbert Community College where she is pursuing an Associates Degree in Forensics. She then plans on going on to the university to pursue a degree in Psychology.

Life Members

Life member_header

 This section is dedicated to CFDA members who have become Life Members.

If you would like to join the CFDA as a Life Member or upgrade your current membership to a Life Membership,
click HERE, or call 1-775-575-1802 for assistance.


Cowboy Fast Draw Association
Life Member List

 View List Below for Life Members listed by member #

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 Updated 9/29/2022

Life# Alias City State First Name Last Name
1 Kemosabe Spearfish SD Brad Hemmah
2 Quick Cal (CFDA CEO/Director) Fernley NV Cal Eilrich
3 Chucky Garden City ID Andy Fink
4 Hang Em High Sturgis SD Frank Lawton
5 Midnight Judy Sturgis SD Judy Lawton
6 Boulder Vaquero Mitchell SD Troy Bollock
7 Boulder's Babe Mitchell SD Bonnie Bollock
8 Mama Brass Star Sedalia MO Barbara J. Hayden
10 Talk A Lot Bob Lake Havasu City AZ Bob Mernickle
11 Talk A Little Lake Havasu City AZ Sherrie Mernickle
12 Cactus Flower Edgemont SD Sharon Fridley
13 Madman Colorado Springs CO Michael Longton
14 Cowboy Edgemont SD Jim Fridley
15 Mud Marine Eastport ID William H. Sills III
16 Spinner Calgary AB Howard Darby
17 Kilkenny Mitchell SD Bret Jorgensen
18 Dakota Dame Mitchell SD Deb Jorgensen
19 California Thumber Sutter Creek CA Peter J. Garibaldi
20 Bill Corbin* UT Bill Corbin
21 West Fargo* AZ Wes Flowers
22 Sundance Bethalto IL Ron Bright
23 Seminole Oklahoma City OK Robert A. Miller
24 Sedona Ranger San Antonio TX J. Terry Manning
25 Buzzard Cooper Star ID Gary Cooper
26 Mississippi Marshal Phillip MS Marshall Hopper
27 Rossow Caldwell ID Michael K. Rossow
28 Jericho Stevens Point WI Jerry Kirschling
29 Shane Croft Deadwood SD Shane Croft
30 Deacon Marysville KS Gary L. Adrian
31 Idaho Jack Meridian ID Jeff Doyle
32 Jebediah Tubbs Boise ID Butch Glenn
33 PG Taylor Twin Falls ID David Delimont
34 Lucky O' Riley Cresbard SD John Riley
35 Sean Riley Cresbard SD Sean Riley
36 Curley D* CO Dorel Whetten
37 Alotta Lead Fernley NV Dinah Eilrich CFDA-Director
37 Alotta Lead (CFDA DIRECTOR) Fernley NV Dinah Eilrich
38 Bushwacker Becker MN Roger Kuklok
39 Whiskers Owatonna MN Shawn Pelot
40 Rio Jake Melbourne Beach FL Richard W. Finch
41 The Reverend W. W. Ronin Scappoose OR Gregg E. Townsley
42 Utah Slim Santaquin UT Tom Blasgen
43 Six Fingered Shootist Sycamore IL Dennis Leifheit
44 Douglas Wardlow Los Angeles CA Paul D. Bradpiece
45 Jayhawker Wood River IL Bob Arganbright
46 Hannah Calder Fernley NV Erika Frisk CFDA Director
47 Crossfire Calhoun Fernley NV Justin P Frisk
48 Rango Fernley NV Jayden Eilrich
49 Dead Eye Kid Fernley NV C J Eilrich CFDA Director
50 Sarsaparilla Castle Rock CO Janet Whetten
51 Yellowstone Kelly Aurora CO Joaquin Garcia Jr.
52 Victorian Blossom Aurora CO Trudy B. White
53 Montana Nampa ID Monte L. Russell
54 Kentucky Lawman Hardinsburg KY Steve Stinnett
55 Kentucky Rose Hardinsburg KY Linda Stinnett
56 Last Will * NE William Cotton
57 Mongo Pagosa Springs CO Dave Miller
58 Wench Pagosa Springs CO Shirley Miller
59 Wichita Mikey Surprise AZ Dennis M Fekete
60 Saddle Bum* ID Larry Sundbye
61 Lady Drifter Caldwell ID Donna Bradley
62 The Preacher Ash Fork AZ David Cox
63 Hard Hearted Hannah Ashfork AZ Carol Cox
64 Eagle Eye Annie Ashfork AZ Katie Cox
65 Dangerous Dave Rigby ID David Gyorfy
66 Polly Ester Red Cloud NE Patricia Gilway
67 Bounty Hunter Caldwell ID Dean White
68 Legally Loaded Caldwell ID Shirley Coffman
69 Whipping' & Spurring Cresbard SD Lorie Riley
70 Short Keg Carson City NV Kenneth Gentry
71 Hoss Caldwell ID Matthew D. Ryan
72 Sunny Brook Middleton ID Rebecca Ryan
73 Rudy Minneapolis MN  Rudy J. Kroska
74 Deadshot Dave Ventura CA David B. LeFevre
75 Lightnin' Jesse Gainesville TX Chad A. Briley
76 Cool Hand Suz Boise ID Kathy Lansdowne
77 Curley Calhoun Boise ID Larry Lansdowne
78 Billy 2 Guns* CA Bill Barnthouse
79 Big Zeke Merigold MS Noel Hopper
80 Ohio Tom* Cuyahoga Falls OH Tom Seelinger
81 Jimmie O Boise ID Jimmie Odom
82 Chucker McLean Roswell NM George H. Riese
83 Sidewinder Meridian ID Milton Edgerton
84 Sun City Kid Sun City AZ Steve Perry
85 Grand Rapids Drifter Wisconsin Rapids WI Randy F Herman
86 GrayGhost Plover WI George A. Heeres Jr.
87 Dixie Gal Plover WI Gail L Heeres
88 Southpaw Bob Caldwell ID Bob Boals
89 Tatanka Forest Grove OR Thomas Epler
90 Noah Chance Prescott AZ Doug Treadway
91 Miss B. Haven Caldwell ID Annette Coffman
92 Spud Caldwell ID Coby Coffman
93 Calamity Caldwell ID Shelly Arnold
94 Sundowner Richmond CA George Narasaki
95 Ernest Lompa Martinez CA Ernest Lompa
96 Crazy Eddie Los Banos CA Edward J. Vierra
97 Low Maintenance Los Banos ID Sarah Vierra
98 Magnolia Blu Phillip MS Frances Hopper
99 Nevada Smith Fallon NV Gary Fried
100 G Man Stafford VA Giovanni Garibaldi
101 Dizzy Izzy Stafford VA Isabella Garibaldi
102 Dancin Darlin Stafford VA Antania Garibaldi
103 Virgil Earp Millmerran QL Damion Faith
104 Alvira Sullivan Earp Millmerran QL Venera Faith
105 J. T. Hooker Stevens Point WI Betty M. Parnham
106 Little Hoss Stevens Point WI Zachary Parnham
107 Thirsty Chino Valley AZ Charlie Holmes
108 Fernley Fernely NV Roy Edgington Jr
109 John Wayne Falun DA Peter Carlsson
110 She Who Must Be Obeyed Kuna ID Dee Wuehler
111 Idaho 2Guns Mountain Home ID Ronald Nicolosi
112 Jasper Jim Kuna ID Jim Wuehler
113 Gunfighter Portland OR Daniel Esteban
114 Smokey Pine Boise ID Smokey Tolman
115 Snakebite Doc Brooksville FL Thomas E. Carter
116 Cimarron Star Ranch ID Rod Smith
117 Outlaw Mama Star Ranch ID Karen Randolph
118 Barbwire Bill Carson City NV Bill Barbe
119 Montana Gun Runner Roundup MT Mike B Krueger
120 Two Talker Star ID Peggy Cooper
121 Red Lead Slinger Boise ID Harold H. Ipolyi
122 Fuzzy Dave San Jose CA David E, Fazekas
123 Stormie Weather Fallon NV Stormie E. Schweizer
124 Marshal J B Hickok Hermosa SD Don Valle
125 Piccolo Pete Stafford VA Peter H Garibaldi
126 Annie Moose Killer  Roundup MT Elaine A Krueger
127 Farmer Phil Louisville KY Phillip G. Keen
128 Crumbcake Wisconsin Rapids WI Bea J. Herman
129 Snowhawk Sun City AZ Dr. Gary Miller
130 Peacemaker Reno NV Don Burke
131 Tatonka Rose Forest Grove OR Lori Epler
132 The Ukulele Kid Reno NV Chuck Stoffel
133 Jeff Millard Deadwood SD Jeff Millard
135 Smiling Bear South Lyon MI John Blades
136 Mister Louie Odessa TX Louie Reeder
137 Doc Conn Odessa TX Michael Conn
138 Bull Fulton SD Stacey V. Nelson
139 Nevada Slim Solo AZ Steven Eason
140 Nitro Kid Watkins CO Robert D. Cummings
141 Gun Fixer Fairdale WV Scotty Taylor
142 Bakwudz Fairdale WV Kenneth S Taylor
143 Siuslaw Steve Clermont FL Stephen R. Holm
144 Bad Leg John Casper WY John W. Chaney
145 Dirtydeed Sonora CA Dean Bauer
146 Yahto Dowan Highland UT Dennis Callanta
147 Comanche Moon* Lake Forest CA Robert G. Bussinger
148 Train Wreck Milwaukee WI Paul Telford
149 Purple Sage Sun City AZ Marcia Miller
150 Blondie Sparks NV Carol D. Lytle
151 Ghost Miner Middleton ID Eric Smart
152 Lil Gold Nugget Meridian ID Jennifer Smart
153 Old Buzzard Meridian ID Tony Smart
154 Dag Nabit Bayfield CO Darin Wagner
155 Mountain Wolf Carson City NV Wade Meadows
156 Ringo Salem VA Jeff Duncan
162 Wild Shot Emmett ID Randy Lipscomb
163 Sagebrush Coyote Glen Allen VA David B Richardson
164 Have Gun Will Travel Bloomington MN Dana Isaacson
165 Boss Odessa TX David Perry
166 Corkey Odessa TX Rita Perry
167 Pinetree Clinton WI Edward R Maly
169 Diamond Dave Fletcher NC Dave Massie
170 Master Gunfighter Alta Loma CA Gil Guerra Jr.
171 Kiss-N-Tell Alta Loma CA Jennifer Guerra
194 Arizona Thumber Glendale AZ Bob James
229 Hell's Belle Idaho Falls ID Heidi K Lovell
230 Chaos-N-Mayhem Idaho Falls ID Michael D Lovell
244 Six Gunner Boise ID John Taffin
360 Talon Wickenburg AZ Rick Rhoads
531 Ol Gun Reno NV Jim H. Standridge
557 Left Handed Marshal Nampa ID Bill Richardson
655 Big Iron Wisconsin Rapids WI James Henry
678 Mystic Declo ID Mike Redman
679 Lil Iodine Declo ID Wendie Redman
687 Beaver Creek Kid Winner SD Dean Storms
688 Mother Nature Winner SD Nancy Storms
777 Shortround Sweet ID Ray M. Schmidt
800 Lone Wolf** Superior WI Stan Wolf
931 Lefty Lipscomb Emmett ID Tammie Lipscomb
940 Marshal Cooper Fresno CA Robert Meyers
941 The Librarian Fresno CA Debbie Meyers
954 Rowdy Piper Santa Fe NM Ronald Crawford
955 Jersey Girl Santa Fe NM Gwyneth Duncan-Crawford
1000 Lacy Gone Wild Upland CA Jana Weaver
1002 Cardoza Kid Los Banos CA Arlene Cardoza
1015 Cody** Middleton ID Leroy Gillies
1029 High Noon Los Banos CA Eric Vierra
1036 The Missourian Union MO Darrel Gibbs
1039 Annie B. Goode Pocatello ID Anna E. Davis
1047 Shaniko Estacade OR Ted Blocker
1057 Traveler Union MO Dee Gibbs
1065 Bam Bam Rigby ID Pam Kubik
1069 Gunslik Mick Gilbert AZ Michael W. Williams
1071 Badwater Bob Canyon Lake TX Robert Faley
1088 C J Six Shooter Superior WI Carolyn Jones
1092 Jesse James Burkburnett TX Johnny J. James
1125 Captain Kaufman Mitchell SD Tory Kaufman
1143 Jailhouse Kid Alliance NE Steve Henkel
1148 Taz Fremont CA Brian Plummer
1149 Mighty Munchkin Fremont CA Peggy Plummer
1161 Texas Marshal Watkins CO Demetrius Correy
1168 Skinner Middleton ID Bob Marshall
1174 Buckwheat Nampa ID Sandi K. Anderson
1241 Fossilman Holyoke MN Marvin Stadin
1242 Swan River Kid Superior WI Walter Smestad
1243 Anton LeBear Duluth MN Tony Orman
1284 Spanky Amelia Court House VA Tim Duncan
1285 Billie Sioux Amelia VA Linda Duncan
1322 Bob Ed Pain Forest VA Robert E. Hurt
1326 El Bajista Madison Heights VA James D. Bratton
1360 Old West Scottsdale AZ John West
1368 Saddle Horn Yuma AZ George C. Wagner
1370 Papa Grande San Jose CA Greg Custodio
1371 Boneyard Ranger Maricopa AZ Ed May
1375 Rimrock Forest VA William L. White
1411 M. T. Gun Pierre SD Richard Trautman
1412 Windy Winchester Pierre SD Konrad Trautman
1413 Swootz Pierre SD Donna Trautman
1442 Mad Dog Phillipsburg KS Kenneth L. Hadley
1467 Big John Randolph Roanoke VA John R Gaylor II
1475 Hyde Hunter Stickney SD Jim Higgs
1479 Kansas Belle Phillipsburg KS Deborah K. Hadley
1501 Digger Zimmerman MN David Hauan
1506 Coho Kid Tigard OR Don L. Brown
1508 Lightnin Holyoke MN Debra Stadin
1532 Sagebrush Platte SD Susan Holter
1561 Shan Can Sun Valley NV Shandrianna Kay
1575 Shots B Wanderin Fernley NV Brian M. Schweizer
1589 Stainless Steel Canton GA Steelman J Borden
1608 Dogboy Phoenix AZ Kenneth C Logan
1624 Diamondback Billy Pocahontas AR James D. Alphin
1654 Jeremiah Pagosa Springs CO Jeremiah Cummons
1655 Blaze Pagosa Springs CO Beth Einig
1661 Connecticut  Cat Loxahatchee FL Cathy Mattson
1663 Wild Hair Mary Duluth MN Mary C Orman
1672 Dead Eye Di Canton GA Diane Borden
1673 Sagebrush Sal Middleton ID Roxanne Marshall
1674 Shane Horse Branch KY James W Casteel
1675 Nebraska Kid Bertrand NE Ben A Walker
1695 Little Lady Caldwell ID Tina R Whittington
1731 Dakota Jake Portola CA Thomas L. Rose
1735 Texas Pete Victoria VA Tony M. Wilson
1748 Windmill Kid Odessa TX Randy Smith
1750 Sundance Kid Reno NV Paul G. Yeager
1764 Melungeon Amelia VA Darrell Wyatt
1774 Lead Zeppelin New Richmond WI Thomas Balow
1783 Lonestar Lil Victoria VA Karen Wilson
1790 Tomcat Charlie Smith Center KS Stephen Stewart
1797 La Pelirroja Madison Heights VA Krista Bratton
1800 Cowboy Up Alta Loma CA Michael Karsten
1862 The Padre Mesa AZ Ernest Vande Zande
1868 K. K. Kid Odessa TX Kendra Short
1869 Shell Shock Odessa TX Shelby Magallanes
1872 Lester P. Larceny* CA F.H. Shimer
1875 High Country Drifter Woodlawn VA James Monroe III
1895 Muskego Kid Muskego WI Kenneth Ceranski
1900 Shady Lady Phillipsburg KS Sheary Pumphrey
1939 Okie Ed Owasso OK Eddie Clayton
1944 Krazy Kate Caldwell ID Kathy Zehr
1967 Gentleman George Silsbee TX George Dezendorf
1968 Texas Rose Silsbee TX Kay Dezendorf
1972 Doc Manes Fort Worth TX Michael R. Loffer
1983 Old Man River Platte SD Douglas Holter
2000 Bobcatred Trout creek MT Gary L Wilson
2003 Big Jeff Northridge CA Jeff Black
2005 Hoot Gibson Rock Hill SC William A. Cutlip Jr.
2018 Dipshot Dutch Cheyenne WY Len Peters
2023 Muletrain Apache Junction AZ Bart Carr
2029 Dusty Trail Jackson Center PA Rod Bish
2052 Chisum Fernley NV Keith Reagan
2055 Renegade Big Fork MT Brett Gyorfy
2057 Gunslinger Lilly Jackson Center PA Bonnie Bish
2060 Darth Ranger Sacramento CA Charles Sanders
2074 Lucky Smith Midland TX Laurence Smith
2093 Southwest KC Apache Junction AZ Karen Carr
2104 Shenandoah Bedford VA Kenneth Hurt
2107 Brasada Spur Tucson AZ Ronald L Hess
2124 Droopy Dunlap Rosholt WI Edward Stoltz
2132 Johnny Magnum Durant OK John Flyum
2155 Fight'n Joe Baker Burns WY Jerry Baker
2170 Desert Gator Phoenix AZ Alvin Hader
2171 Granny Oakley Tucson AZ Suzanne Hess
2172 Young Blood Hartford KY Tim  G Smith
2178 Powder Flash* Idaho Falls ID Michael Johnston
2179 Tin Bender Middleton ID Clay Janes
2199 Yucca Kid New River AZ Philip Wolf
2207 Ridge Runner Rosie Fond Du Lac WI Gail Johnson-Daveau
2213 Buffalo Kid* Troutville VA Thomas Wright
2222 Miss Lola Belle Fontana CA Laura Epler
2269 Fumbles Ammon ID W C Raymond
2273 Auburn Angel Alliance NE Annette Henkel
2278 Captain McCall Tacoma WA Mike Gleason
2281 Burgundy Rose Odessa TX Caryn Stoner
2293 Diablo Tex* TX Texas Stoner
2312 Dallas Gunns Roberts ID Dave Kahn
2330 Dealin' Dale Silsbee TX Dale Standley
2332 Xterminator Rancho Cucamonga CA Ben Neel
2339 Colt McCoy Pomona CA Chris Feeback
2360 B.A. Duchesne UT Anthony Brazauskas
2361 Slowpoke Duchesne UT Brenda Brazauskas
2362 Eastern Outlaw Jackson Center PA Terry  L Jones
2366 Ubet Rigby ID Vernon Ulrich
2382 Rooster Cogburn Newcastle CA Dave Jones
2386 Idaho Stretch Idaho City ID Kent L. Johnson
2387 Sprayin' Lead Ned Ormond Beach FL Mark Stevenson
2389 Tex Son Odessa TX Charles Whitehead
2390 Texas Cheyenne Odessa TX Trish Whithead
2415 Wild N Wooley Ashby NE Arthur  Dwyane Dubs
2417 Deadwood G-Man Deadwood SD Gregory Vecchi
2433 Rattlesnake Rick Midland TX Glen Westall Jr.
2437 Stanislaus Modesto CA Gene Dias
2443 Bull Bison Clarksmills PA Matthew  N. Reash
2451 Ricochet Rose Newcastle CA Jeanie Jones
2457 Miss Betty Odessa TX Betty Smith
2472 Jackie Daniels Fernley NV Amanda Eilrich- Mem.Director
2474 Pawnee Paul Portsmouth OH Paul Cutlip
2481 Masked Rider Woodway TX Drew Canham
2487 Gabriel Garrett Ponder TX Tim King
2494 Miss Lil Ammon ID Louise Raymond
2499 Montana Skye Jackson Center PA Linda Measel
2500 Greek San Diego CA Nick Asadi
2510 Victory Belle Lubbock TX Elaine Canham
2512 Gunpowder Puff Vista CA Reneta Miller
2514 Six Iron Butterfly Modesto CA Teresa Dias
2536 Snake River Jim Cheyenne WY James Knutson
2550 Maverick Collinsville OK Jerry F Thomas
2552 Chief Crazy Legs Baxter Springs KS Dean Walker
2555 Denali* Middleton ID Margo Kinghorn
2571 Long Ranger Goodview VA John Wills
2574 Remfire London KY Albert George
2582 Red Ryder Vista CA Marty Miller
2586 Commodore Odessa TX Michael Watts
2597 Quick Draw Outlaw Tipp City OH Ken Noffsinger
2604 Possum Pagosa Springs CO Doyle Qualls
2607 K J Kwik Tallula IL Kevin Knox
2619 Smokin' Gun Palm Coast FL Martin Brabham
2638 The Nevadan Fernely NV Bill Boyd
2645 Buffalo Bill* Live Oak FL William Cody
2671 Southfork Slim Wytheville VA Dean Walters
2686 Fancy Nancy Owasso OK Nancy Clayton
2697 Shady Mike Phoenix AZ Mike Holzer
2699 Bad Burro Fallbrook CA Brad Miller
2700 Trinity Star ID Edward Hack
2705 Missouri Jim Inola OK Jim Coffey
2738 Hollywood Caldwell ID Stacy Nelson
2744 Buckwheat James Idaho Falls ID Curtis Rudd
2746 Dame Quick Wrenshall MN Stephanie Merrill
2748 Hell on Wheels Vail AZ Robert Norvelle
2751 Gunfighters' Granny Nampa ID LeDonna Gutzman
2761 Bill Bonney Saint Johns FL William Keyes
2764 Comstock Rose Reno NV Jacqueline Denio
2791 Gunsmith Savannah TN Larry Fouse
2792 Prairie  Rose San Jose CA Miechelle Pape
2800 Von Zipper Jacksonville FL John Heltzel
2830 JD Upland CA Johnny Gardner
2885 Miss T Watkins CO Teresa Cummings
2889 Tank Caldwell ID Anthony Dorman
2925 Little Kazzy Burleson TX Bobby Casteel
2927 Hondo Eagle ID Stan Puckett
2929 Lone Star Lady Eagle ID Jackie Puckett
2939 Buffalo Joe Hermitage PA Joseph Nero
2954 Hankerin' Hank Marana AZ Eric Castell
2961 Outlaw Ike Jacksonville FL DJ Kirby
3000 Duc N Bob Elizabeth City NC Robert Treece
3007 The Rossiman Chatham IL Gary Stevens
3011 Ol' Maui Dead Eye Brown Valley CA Erik Coral-Sands
3012 Island Lady Lake FL Kevin Yeo
3013 Old Farm Boy Frankfort SD Jeff Klebsch
3037 Bigfoot Tucson AZ Terry Tate
3038 Dazzlin Daisy Tucson AZ Daisy Tate
3042 Rick-O-Mordis Odessa TX Richard Elkins
3047 Terasita La Tejano Midland TX Teresa Vallejo-Hardwick
3048 Bunk Hardwick Midland TX Denver Hardwick
3053 Kickapoo Kid Sussex WI Edwin North
3054 Otto Matic Tucson AZ Richard Kennedy
3057 Sheyk M. Up Middleton ID Shey Pyne
3073 Debbie Sioux Bountiful UT Deborah Walker
3106 The Marshal Patterson CA Cliff Girard
3118 Turd Herder Chico CA Robert Perkins
3121 Miss Shotwell Bedford VA Linda Hurt
3145 Butch Oxbow OR Rush Long
3181 Sassy Pants Burkburnett TX Tina Davis
3213 Big Mark Oakdale LA Mark Markley
3223 Cimarron Kid Idaho Falls ID Rick Marron
3226 Country Girl ammon ID Mindy Baker
3227 Idaho Coyote Idaho Falls ID Myron Curtis
3231 The Gunslinger Caldwell ID Monty Dorman
3236 Idaho Slim Nampa ID Gale Anderson
3239 Boss T Sun City W. AZ James Torbert
3245 Quickstrike Odessa TX Jacob Sandoval
3253 West Creek Edgemont SD  Brent White
3276 James  B. Hickok Madison CT Ray Ginty
3300 Dago Mike Jacksonville FL Michael Alaimo
3309 Cheyenne Shooter Christiansburg VA Charles Boswell
3324 Wa-hoo Winter WI Steven Kuepper
3330 Desert Tom* Reno NV John Thomas Benjamin
3333 Rainy Upland CA Steve Weaver
3341 TK Canyon Country CA Todd Krudis
3349 Lady Bandit Winter WI Diana Baumer
3369 Nara Sonora CA Nara Medley
3377 Grumpy Owasso OK Ronald Brown
3383 Nevada Belle RIGBY ID Laura Ulrich
3384 Honcho CH-5603 Staufen AG SZ Ueli Bracher
3388 Rattlesnake Sams Jacksonville FL Sonny Sams
3404 Cole Younger Ivor VA Ron Chittum
3408 Texas Joe* Oklahoma City OK Joe Royer
3410 Mountain Man Leesburg VA Ken Marion
3413 Highlander Belton TX Jason Walker
3424 Skagit Flats Rathdrum ID Lawrence Moody
3439 Ma'dam Wife Idaho City ID Tiffany Johnson
3454 Scrap Iron* Superior WI Dick Gudowski
3467 Bobtownred Russellville KY Robin Russell
3469 Gambler Nampa ID Randy Matthews
3470 Smokin' Sandy Asher OK John Sandifer
3478 Tishminga Tucson AZ Patricia Kennedy
3487 Pancho Odessa TX Manuel Maldonado
3495 Lazy Eye Lee Sun City West AZ Jeff Rosebery
3505 Calamity Pam* Powhatan VA Pamela Jo Stuart
3508 Trouble Shootin' Moneta VA Amy Malone
3510 Big Ugly Moneta VA Scott Malone
3529 Half Fast Eddy Blackfoot ID Eddy Walters
3537 Sassy Mustang Gal Upland CA Sally Monken
3541 Medicine Man Shady Shores TX Colt Janes
3568 No Daisy Waterford CA Dennis Dias
3585 Lady Hawk Nampa ID Jeanna Matthews
3590 Black Jack Jim Midwest City OK James Yager
3612 Viper Anthem AZ Debbie Dell
3613 Olden' Fast Sparks NV Kevin Browning
3618 German  Cowboy Amelia VA Marcus Ovando
3619 Pony Tail Amelia VA Edda Eliasson
3667 Jingle Jim John Day OR James Jaynes
3680 Patchem Quick Chino CA Brian Long
3697 Tennessee Tim Escalon CA Timothy Brown
3704 Wild I Owen Ormond Beach FL Michael Collier
3714 Texas Boer Richmond TX Guy Gist
3715 Star of Africa Richmond TX Nicky Gist
3737 Rambunctious Red Canton GA Mark Lier
3739 Shadow Nampa ID Phillip Ineck
3756 Preacher Bob Redfield SD Robert Hughes
3760 Viejo Kidd Edgemont SD Matt Koller
3765 Whip Lash Vidor TX Richard McAnally
3768 Hell Hammer Salmon ID Philip Gutzman
3778 The Ricochet Kid Discovery Bay CA Thomas Campbell
3786 Dr. Bob Maxwell CA Bob Hamilton
3787 Scarlet Dawn Maxwell CA Carole Hamilton
3791 Evil E Central Lake MI Elliott Goldwyn
3792 Raven Central Lake MI Sara MacGregor
3832 Duelin' Dan Modesto CA Dan Dias
3834 Holli Day Buckeye AZ Tracy Stanton
3836 The Nebraskan Wayne NE Todd W. Beiermann
3838 Powder Keg Buckley WA Kenneth Gentry
3846 Dreamcatcher Frankfort SD Marj Klebsch
3862 Prickly Pear Buckeye AZ Kaylee Stanton
3880 Roscoe Edgemont SD Dustin Ross
3881 Lady Doc Edgemont SD Erica Koller-Ross
3886 Foghorn Leghorn Maxwell CA Dustin W. Hamilton
3891 Green River Mchenry KY Nick Maiden
3944 Cort O' Whiskey Gilbert AZ Michael Valek
3949 Rebel Bill Utica KY William Hedges
3960 Fireman Lynchburg VA Kenneth Monroe
3961 Major D Pieville LA James Dezendorf
3963 Blue Eyed Belle Pieville LA Mary Jane Dezendorf
3972 The Grim Reaper Idaho Falls ID George Johnston
3973 Copper Top Blackfoot ID Suzy Schulmire
3980 Idaho Kidd Jerome ID Doug Kinsey
4003 Fowl Shot Orville CA Bobby Grilli
4040 Wildfire McHenry KY Pamela B. Maiden
4042 Leethal Oak Harbor WA Lee Eklund
4044 Mendy St. Augustine FL Andrew Mendolia
4062 Crisco Ormond Beach FL Ken Smith
4079 Bogie Reno NV John Bogikes
4085 Virginia Sidewinder Blacksburg VA David Clark
4090 Huckleberry Honey Orville CA Kellie Grilli
4094 Sweet Honey Sunrise Meadows Place TX Melissa Van Note
4097 Willy Draw Meadows Place TX Todd Van Note
4099 Kid Tumbleweed Glendale AZ Peter Beickert
4106 The Shootist Richmond TX Doug Horn
4113 Marshal's Daughter Conroe TX Ginger Horn
4117 Mad Mike Mulligan Pinellas Park FL Michael Smith
4125 Blackfox Lil Inola OK Dana Coffey
4145 Billy the Kid Andrews TX Billy Welborn
4147 Chicken Hawk Maxwell CA Jacob Hamilton
4151 W. Le Fors Citrus Heights CA Walter Waddington
4156 Charles City Kid Amelia Court House VA Tom Schnurman
4171 Swamp Walker Appleton WI Leslie Johnson
4172 Sgt. Buck Conroe TX Hunter Bevill
4173 Madame K Conroe TX Kassi Bevill
4181 The Loser* Duluth MN Dick Merry
4222 Choctaw Kid Sun City AZ George Leezy
4256 Diablo Daisy Citurs Heights CA Patty Waddington
4340 Kid Curry Amarillo TX Jerome Price
4343 Desert Dawn Glendale AZ Kimberly Martin
4362 Tyrel Sackett Goodrich TX Tye Phillips
4364 TEX Bellville TX Steve Daniel
4369 X Sapulpa OK Cleven Silcox
4370 Ghost Sapulpa OK Austin Silcox
4371 Crazy Jane Sapulpa OK Shaina Silcox
4373 Black Eagle Montana Lozanne FR Stephane Glacon
4382 2 Buck Chuck St. Petersburg FL Charles Boudreau
4404 Sandpoint Slim Sandpoint ID Ray Marchant
4412 Jabberin' Jim Spray OR Jim D. Bunch
4413 Grinnin Grizz Madras OR John E. Barrett
4447 Shadow Rider Redmond OR Gary B Hudson
4448 Midnight Rose Redmond OR Tami Hudson
4457 Harmony Lynchburg VA Dawn Harmon
4490 Diamond Jim Reno NV Jim Jones
4501 Latigo Claremore OK Eric L. Smith
4508 Little Miss Sunshine Fernley NV Kaelynn Frisk
4510 Miss Em Fernley NV Emmy Frisk
4520 Catamount Jerome ID Shawna Orgill
4532 Dakota Deadeye Houston TX Richard Weelborg
4534 Lead Poison Mannford OK Ted Jenkins
4535 Diamond Girl Mannford OK Lisa Jenkins
4548 Easy Money Jacksonville FL Scott Anderson
4576 Crosswired Redmond OR Zane McCoy
4577 Voodoo Ruther Glen VA Christopher Banks
4593 Kid Colton Shoshone ID Richard Moniak
4600 James Cody Tucson AZ Carl Marino
4629 Johnny Ringo Escalon CA John Guille
4645 Cajun Gunslinger Weston Lake TX Hans Planchard
4646 Minnesota Queen Weston Lake TX Valerie Planchard
4660 Red Fork Tulsa OK Richard Casteel
4679 QC Carver Gilbert AZ Bryan Moulton
4681 Gunsmoke Palm Coast FL Romeo Nicolo
4720 Ringo Kid Richmond TX Marc Bateman
4721 Peppermint Patty Richmond TX Patty Bateman
4723 Rebel Belle Rosenburg TX Kayla Munson
4724 Wiley Coyote Needville TX Cole Hunter Wile
4731 Billy Bowlegs Ormand Beach FL Andy Johnston
4910 Marksman Mark Menasha WI Mark Galassi
4929 Castaneda Kid Middleton ID Gloria Hernandez
4954 Grim Amelia Court House VA Christopher Duncan
4961 Black Gold Needville TX Ronnie Wile
4977 Dealin' Dave Keizer OR Dave Mingus
4989 Quigley Alamosa CO John Rydgren
4994 Forgunz Elk Point SD Mike Zediker
5000 Alchimista Gussago  -Brescia - IT Alessandro Pietta
5015 Sandhill Bill Lingle WY Logan Dailey
5046 Dangerous Dan West Richmond WA Dan Almond
5052 Lefty SayWhen Ponder TX Thomas Stehlik
5061 The Duke Valley Springs CA Steve Swain
5084 Sierra Rose Tucson AZ Cheyenne Potter
5085 Bandana Kid Tucson AZ Megan Potter
5086 Still Shot Tucson AZ Kim Potter
5087 Arizona Cactus Kid Tucson AZ Matthew Potter
5088 Dynamite Kid Redmond OR Jeremiah Hudson
5126 Alamo Red Prescott AZ Curtis Main
5128 Gandel BamBam Scottsdale AZ Gil Yaron
5140 Rusty Old Man Precott Valley AZ Dave Slate
5143 Ranger Reeves Fernley NV Derek Holton
5144 Philippines Red Fernley NV Sheryl Verdadero
5149 Deadwood EA Zuid Scharwoude LD Ruud Molenaar
5150 Thumb Buster Fontana CA Dave Epler
5182 Trampas Litchfield MN Dave Thomas
5183 Nessarose Keizer OR Kellie Mingus
5218 T-Bone Worthing SD Tony Nelson
5221 Dr. TG* Idaho Falls ID Tommy Taylor
5222 Arctic Annie Idaho Falls ID Connie Lamprecht
5228 Clemsonville Bob Fall Church VA Charles Jewell
5250 Moonshine Jack Amarillo TX Col. Jack Simpson
5261 Lazarus Jones Hagerstown MD Paul Nicholas
5268 Mean Wolverine Sun City AZ Quinn Ream
5271 Slowhand Goumoens-la-Ville SZ Dominic Bardet
5300 Ten Thumbs Blackstone VA Thomas Evans
5331 Nessuno Twin Falls ID Lynn Williams
5333 Trinidad The Kid Gardnerville NV Mark Rojas
5344 Chuckwagon Ormond Beach FL Costa Magoulas
5345 Gypsy Girl Ormond Beach FL Eve Ann Magoulas
5359 Vaquero Gil Edmond OK Dennis Gilbert
5363 Jefe Zapata TX Jorge Gutierrez
5400 Appalachian Hillbilly Hopkinsville KY Roger Pierson
5417 Sailor Jim Deland FL James Hemphire
5422 El Carnicero Lynden WA Michael Colon
5425 Mouse Lynden WA Michelle Colon
5474 K9 Sperry OK Allen Bauer
5480 Smokey Bear Bunnell FL Peter Young
5633 Honey Bucket Chico CA Lin Perkins
5637 Doc Lee Oaklawha FL Harold L. Wonders
5671 Evil Eric Phoenix AZ Eric Piper
5678 Fuzzworth Guatay CA Brian R. Polte
5683 Wild Thing Fallon NV Alan Kirby
5684 Dusty Rose Fallon NV Marie Kirby
5690 Snake Plissken The Villages FL James W. Becker
5724 J.C. Dalton  Harbor Springs MI John Yothers
5725 Dead Eye Daisy Harbor Springs MI Hanni Yothers
5726 Flying Cowgirl Harbor Springs MI Kael Yothers
5776 Ma'dam X Sperry OK Nikki Johnson
5784 Morse Op Fallon NV Rick McCusker
5785 Nitty Gramma Fallon NV Joyce McCusker
5792 Sandy Buhl ID Melvin Sanderson
5796 Buckhart Menan ID Jim Gohr
5810 Crystal J. Reno NV Carmen Jones
5817 Frosty Mac Plain City UT Frosty McWilliams
5853 Lady D Oak Harbor WA Diane Eklund
5855 Head Shot Ainsworth NE Gary Godoy
5873 Slick Sixguns Burnet TX Scott Severance
5874 Shoot'n Bella Burnet TX Jennifer Severance
5911 Rogue Guatay CA Casey Polte
5921 Ramblin Red Corning AR Anthony Banks
5936 Black Widow Odessa TX Kayla Sandoval
6010 Desert Dingo Roy UT Stuart Coombs
6018 The Governor Neosho MO R. Slade Powell
6030 Paladin Muskogee OK Paul Carroll
6035 Bar Stool Bob Palm Coast FL Bob Morin
6045 Jekyll and Hyde Ashby NE Kristopher L. Hyde
6047 Willie B. Fast Hartsville SC William Walkup
6084 Professor Vallejo CA Roger L. Muller
6090 Thomas Dunson Silver Springs NV Donald Booth
6223 Mesa Tucson AZ Samuel Potter
6225 Sam Smilee Wilkenson IN Ron Vandenbark
6226 Red Badger Wilkenson IN Toni Vandenbark
6253 Skipper Tom Pagosa Springs CO Gary Fisher
6284 IBNobody Summersfield FL Clark C. Vandevander
6285 Catskill Jean Summerfield FL Sheryl J. L. Vandevander
6301 Sourmash Kid St. Augustine FL Jeffrey A. Scott
6308 S-MAN Palm Coast FL Frank Sockman
6334 Guido B Silver Springs NV Benna Merrill
6335 Sassafrass The Villages FL Cheryl Allen
6346 Cut No Slack Fernley NV Kenneth Slack
6424 Dr. Sixgun* Marana AZ Patrick Sparr
6446 Shako Sling shakopee MN Bill Bigot
6447 St. Pauli Girl Shakopee MN Kari Bigot
6449 Miss Bunny Palestine TX Kim Bundy
6450 B-Rowdy Palestine TX Scott Bundy
6461 Perk Arlington TX Scott Perkins
6527 Aniwaya Dothan AL George Ward
6568 Deuces Wild Satsuma FL Forrest Butcher
6569 Belle Ringer Satsuma FL Linda Glore
6585 Joe Blondie Chandler AZ Joseph C. Brown Jr.
6623 Nevada Shootist Washoe County NV C.R. (Bob) Casey
6630 Flat Rock Hendersonville NC Martin Wood
6713 Six Gun Shelbs Fernley NV Shelby Eilrich
6724 Justis Russ Turlock CA Russell Mayfield
6788 Bullseye Kid Ainsworth NE Diego Godoy
6815 Blondie Joe Manco Indialantic FL Richard O. Jones
6854 Mad Greek Las Vegas NV Eric Newell
6869 The Norseman Minneapolis MN John Erickson
6969 The Bucknay Kidd Bountiful UT William L. Walker


International Life Members

Alias  State/Province   Country  First Name  Last Name 
 3384 Honcho  Staufen Switzerland  Ueli Bracker
 4373   Black Eagle Montana    Lozanne France  Stephane  Glacon 




Hall of Recognition

 Welcome to CFDA's

Hall of Recognition

The Hall of Recognition is a place for CFDA to recognize the recipients of CFDA's most notable annual awards.


CFDA Club of the Year Award 
Sundowner CFDA Award
True Grit CFDA Award
Spirit of the Game CFDA Award
Top Hand Award Recipients



Club of the Year Award

Year Club Location
2006    Powder Horn Ranch Regulators    Mitchell, South Dakota
2007 Idaho Shootists Idaho City, Idaho
2008 Colorado Pistoleros Castle Rock, Colorado
2009 Treasure Valley Gunslingers Caldwell, Idaho
2010 Old Dominion Fast Draw Roanoke, Virginia
2011 Black River Bandits Superior, Wisconsin
2012 San Juan Shootists Pagosa Springs, Colorado  
2013 Powder Horn Ranch Regulators Mitchell, South Dakota
2014 Big Thicket Bushwackers Silsbee, Texas
2015   Blue Grass Fast Draw Club  Horse Branch, Kentucy 
2016  Eagle Rock Outlaws  Idaho Falls, Idaho 
2017 Lonestar Gunslingers Richmond, Texas
2018  Great Basin Gun Hawks   Fernley, Nevada
2019 Virginia Peacemakers Amelia, Virginia
2020 The Cowboys Oakdale, California
2021 The Sawtooth Shootist Society  Boise, Idaho 



"CFDA All The Way" Sundowner Award

The CFDA "All the Way" Sundowner Award was created in 2008 and presented by CFDA Management to the person or couple working as a team that truly promotes the Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw wherever they go. Their efforts extend beyond a single club or state and they influence entire regions to grow the sport across the country. There is only one such award presented each year at the Fastest Gun Alive - World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw. Recipients of this prestigious award from that time on form the committee each year to nominate and vote on each current year's recipient.

This award was named in honor of its first recipient, George Narasaki a.k.a. Sundowner, who's long and distinguished Fast Draw career dates back to the 1950's. He is not only an accomplished competitor, but has kept his club The Sundowners active for over 60 years. "CFDA All the Way" is a quote coined by Sundowner, as he has traveled across the country supporting clubs hosting CFDA Titled Championship and is always there to help wherever he can.

 2008 George Narasaki a.k.a. "Sundowner"



2009 Dave Miller a.k.a. "Mongo" & Shirley Miller a.k.a. "Wench"

2010 Troy Bollock a.k.a "Boulder Vaquero" & Bonnie Bollocka.k.a. Boulders Babe

2011 Doug Treadway a.k.a. "Noah Chance"

2012 Marshall Hopper a.k.a. "Mississippi Marshal"

2013 Jeff Duncan a.k.a. "Ringo", VA 

2014 Randy Smith aka Windmill Kid & Betty Smith aka Miss Betty

2015  George Dezendorf aka "Gentleman George" & Kay Dezendorf aka "Texas Rose"

2016 Shane

2017 Curley Calhoun and Cool Hand Suz

2018 Honcho

2019 Diamondback Billy & Snake Charmer

2021 Short Keg

2022 Kemosabi


CFDA True Grit Award

This award is presented each year to The CFDA member who represents those who no matter what challenges life throws their way, they face them and never lose faith in the Cowboy Way, and serve as an example for the rest of their CFDA Family to follow.

2009 Bill Barnthouse a.k.a. Billy 2 Guns

2010 Todd Vonfeldt a.k.a. Oregon Cowboy

2011Tony Smart a.k.a. Old Buzzard

2012 Jimmie Odom a.k.a. "Jimmie O"

2013  Robert Norvelle aka "Hell on Wheels"

2014  Prairie Ville Desperados

2015  Gary Adrien aka "Deacon" & Carol Adrien aka "Angel Lady"

2016 Lefty Lipscomb & Wild Shot

2017 Diamondback Billy

2018 Sundowner

2019 Stanislaus

2021 Curley Calhoun

2022 Shadow Rider


CFDA Annual Spirit of the Game Award Recipients

2012    Chisum 
2013  Cody 
2014  Curley Calhoun 
2015  Curley Calhoun 
2016 Nick'em Badly
2017 Wench
2018 Cody
2019 Holli Day
2021 Gentleman George
2022 Old Drifter



CFDA Top Hand Award

 In 2012, the Top Hand Award was created by CFDA to recognize key members who go the extra steps to contribute to the sport both locally and nationally. Each recipient receives a special lapel pin, plus a certificate the read the following:

"Has been recognized by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association for years of unselfish and dedicated service and leadership. Thanks to your contribution, the Tradition of our Western Heritage and the Cowboy Way will live on in the hearts of all who are fortunate to discover Cowboy Fast Draw. Therefore, the title of CFDA Top Hand is hereby bestowed this 6th day of October, 2012."

The following names of the recipients we recognized at the Fastest Gun Alive and are in the process of being posted permanently on the CFDA website. Clubs may nominate members who do so much behind the national scenes for this national recognition. The initial incoming class of recipients was much larger than we expect in future years. This was due to a retroactive acknowledgement that had been long deserved in many cases. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

 CFDA Management

 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019
2020 / 2021 / 2022


    2012 Inaugural Top Hand Award Inductees
Listed in Alphabeti


Alias   Name  CFDA # State
Angel Lady Carol Adrian 187 Kansas
Bad Boy Peter Dickinson 1960 Nevada
Beaver Creek Kid DeanStorms    L687 South Dakota
Billy 2 Guns  Bill Barnthouse    L78    California
Blackjack    Jon Long  298    Idaho
Black River Johnny  John Adrihan   363   Wisconsin
Blondie    Carol Lytle   L150   Nevada
Bob Ed Pain Robert Hurt L1322   Virginia
Boothill Bryce  Bryce Norwick  491 South Dakota
Boulder’s Babe  BonnieBollock    L7     South Dakota
Boulder Vaquero  Troy Bollock  L6    South Dakota
Bounty Hunter Dean White  L67   Idaho
Boss Michael Perry  L165    Texas
Buckshot Chavez AnthonyChavez   641   Arizona
Caleb Larry Hendrick   1266 Idaho
CD Tom  Tom Remily  L2002 Oregon
Chisum  Keith Reagan   L2052  Nevada
Cody  Leroy Gillies    L1015  Idaho
Cool Hand Suz  Kathy Lansdowne L76 Idaho
Connecticut Cat    Cathy Mattson  1661  Wisconsin
Cowboy UP  Michael Karsten   L1800  California
Curley Calhoun  Larry Lansdowne  L77   Idaho
Dakota Star   Brenda Glenn 239  Idaho
Dangerous Dave DavidGyorfy   L65    Idaho
Deacon   Gary Adrian L30 Kansas
Dead Eye Kid  CJ Eilrich  L49   Nevada
Deerslayer Peter Mattson    965   Wisconsin
Desert Lady  Joan Riggleman 1140   Nevada
The Draw    Francis Carlos    733  Arizona
Dusty Bottoms Lori Adrihan  447   Wisconsin
Dusty Trail  Rod Bish L2029 Pennsylvania
Fannie Mae  Treasea Long   299    Idaho
Fightn Joe Baker Jerry Baker L2155 Wyoming
Gentleman George  George Dezendorf 1967   Texas
Genoa Bob  Bob Williams 1668 Nevada
Granny Bee   Barbara Heck 1574 Nevada
Grasshopper  Jill GodfreyAndrews 2130   Nevada
Hannah Calder Erika Frisk   L46 Nevada
Happy Hunter  Fred Tompkins   471  Nevada
Hired Gun  Tom Riggleman   1141 Nevada
Idaho Renegade Brett Gyorfy   2055   Idaho
Jedediah “Cactus” Tubbs Butch Glenn L32   Idaho
Jimmie O   Jimmie Odom L81    California
Krazy Kate    Kathy Zehr L1944 Idaho
Lady Drifter   Donna Bradley  L61    Idaho
Last Will William Cotton  L56  Maine
Legally Loaded   Shirley Coffman    L68  Idaho
Lester P. Larceny F.H. Shimer L1872 California
The Librarian   Debbie Meyers   941  California
Light’nin Jesse Chad Briley L75  Texas
Lucky Lady Diane Royalty  410 South Dakota
Magnolia Blu  Frances Hopper   L98   Idaho
Marshal J B Hickok  Don Valle L124   South Dakota
Masked Rider Drew Canham  L2481    Texas
Master Gunfighter   Gil Guerra Jr. L170   California
Miss Betty   Betty Smith  L2457  Texas
Miss B Haven  Annette Coffman   L91  Idaho
Miss Christy Christy Norwick 492    South Dakota
Mississippi Marshall  Marshal Hopper  L26 Idaho
Mongo  Dave Miller L57 Colorado
Mother Nature   Nancy Storms  L688   South Dakota
Muleskinner    Ron Nyhouse  647   Wisconsin
Muletrain Bart Carr  2023    Arizona
Nevada Smith  Gary Fried    L99  Nevada
Noah Chance Doug Treadway  L90 Arizona
Okie Ed   Eddie Clayton   L1939 Oklahoma
Old Buzzard    Tony Smart    L153   Idaho
Oregon Drifter   Ray Theilke    225 Oregon
Peacemaker  Don Burke L130 Nevada
PG Taylor DavidDelimont   L33  Idaho
Ranger Rockey    Rockey Fennema 1173 Nevada
Rattler   Mike Williams   1817    Arizona
Rimrock  WilliamWhite   L1375   Virginia
Ringo JeffDuncan L156    Virginia
Smoke Wagon  Roger Randolph   1629 Idaho
Snake-Shooter  Mark Burnham 297  Minnesota
Short Keg  Ken Gentry L70    Nevada
Sundowner   George Narasaki  L94   California
Sparrow Hawk   Jan Hendrick  1267   Idaho
Talk A Little   Sherrie Mernickle    L11   Nevada
Talkalot Bob  Bob Mernickle L10    Nevada
Texas Rose Kay Dezendorf   1968 Texas
Thirsty CharlieHolmes L107    Arizona
Uncle Willy  WilliamAndrews  2129 Nevada
Virgil Earp Damion Faith   L103  Australia
Wench ShirleyMiller L58   Colorado
Wild Shot   Randy Lipscomb    L162   California
Windmill Kid Randy Smith    L1748   Texas



2013 CFDA Top Hand Award Recipients

  Alias Name CFDA #  State
1. Black Bart    Doug Haproff 1657 New Mexico
2. Calaboose Bill William Sibole Jr 1483 Arizona
3. Captain Kaufman Troy Kaufman 1125 South Dakota
4. Colt McCoy Chris Feeback 2339 California
5. Cruiser P.T. Condon 2119 Colorado
6. Eagle Eye Justice Sibole 1493 Arizona
7. Gunpowder Puff Reneta Miller 2512 California
8. Half Cock Willie William Sibole Sr. 1481 Arizona
9. Happy Clamper Bruce Whitacre L1822 California
10. High Country Drifter James Monroe III L1875 Virginia
11. Hyde Hunter Jim Higgs 1475 South Dakota
12. Idaho Stretch Kent Johnson 2386 Idaho
13. Lefty Don Smith 964 Wisconsin
14. Melungeon Darrell Wyatt L1764 Virginia
15. Mrs. Stitch Tammy Monroe 3214 Virginia
16. Marshal BK Gunner Robert Krueger 184 Wisconsin
17. Nitro Kid Robert Cummings L140 Colorado
18.  Old Gringo William McDevitt 1350 Colorado
19. Red Lead Slinger Harold Ipoli L121 Idaho
20. Red Ryder Marty Miller 2582 California
21. Shots B Wanderin Brian Schweizer L1575 Nevada
22. Stormie Weather Stormie Schweizer L123 Nevada
23. "T" Dub Troy Condon 2840 Colorado
24.  Time Bandit James GRassmidt 1867 California
25. Trail Boss Ed Iddings 2424 Pennsylvania
26. Whiskers Shawn Pelot L39 Minnesota


2014 Top Hand Award Recipients

  Alias Name CFDA #   State
1.    Big Hoss Allen Horton 2660 VA
2. Big Iron Jim Henry L655 WI
3. Buckwheat Sandi Anderson L1174 ID
4. Cactus Rose Tish Snider-Dunnavant 3124 VA
5. Calamity Shelly Arnold L93 ID
6. Col. Cody Jason Baker 2755 CO
7. Dakota Jake Tom Rose 1731 CA
8. Desperado Dean Miller 1409 ID
9. Dirty Dee Deana Condon 2839 CO
10. El Guapo Scott Christiansen 1719 NV
11. Gray Lady Tammy Oakes 3125 VA
12. Gray Rider Steve Oakes 2615 VA
13. Gray Wolf Vincent Betcher 1897 ID
14. Honey Badger Debbie Condon 2902 CO
15. JD Johnny Gardner L2830 CA
16. Karr'un Iron Karen Empey 2045 ID
17. Kentucky Slim Billy Stockton 2151 KY
18. K.K. Kid Kendra Short L1868 TX
19. Kodiak Richard Schneider 1756 NV
20. Miss Kitty Gloria Jaramillo 2346 AZ
21. Miss T Teresa Cummings 2885 CO
22. Misty Few Karen Miller 1410 ID
23. Lacy Gone Wild   Jana Weaver L1000 CA
24. Little Lady Tina Whittington 1695 ID
25. Miss Lily Judy Smith 1369 WI
26. Mustang Annie Marie Endecott 1610 ID
27. Nobody Joe Blevins 1667 VA
28. One Shot Tim Hack 3095 KY
29. Rail City Slinger Joe Burbridge 1803 NV
30. Rainy Steve Weaver L3333 CA
31. Rossow Mike Rossow L27 ID
32. Saddle Tramp Mack Dunnavant 2589 VA
33. Sagebrush Sal Roxanne Marshall 1673 ID
34. Shakey Flynch Larry Houtz 2311 VA
35. Skinner Bob Marshall 1168 ID
36. Silver Muzzle Daryle Easterly 252 ID
37. Six IRon Butterfly Teresa Dias L2514 CA
38 Southwest KC Karen Carr 2093 AZ
39. Spud Colby Coffman L92 ID
40. Stanislaus Gene Dias L2437 CA
41. Straight Shot Mark Compton 700 ID
42. Sundance Kid Paul Yeager 1750 NV
43. The Counselor Russell Duty 3097 KY
44. The Stud Bill Lefever 2456 AZ
45. The Texan Stan Willard 2069 ID
46. Tucson Steve Endecott 1609 ID
47. Young Blood Tim Smith L2172 KY


2015 Top Hand Award Recipients

 Alias Name  Club  CFDA # State
 1.        Bam Bam Pam Kubik Eagle Rock Outlaws L1065 ID
 2. Brasada Spur  Ron Hess  Old Pueblo Gunfighters L2107  AZ
 3.  Buffalo Kid Thomas Wright  Old Dominion L2213  VA
 4. Cap't Jack Richard Hale Great Basin Gunhawks 3308 NV
 5.  Cheyenne Shooter Charles Boswell New River Fast Draw  3309 VA
 6.  Cool Hand Dan Daniel Hack Bluegrass Fast Draw Club 3100 KY
 7.  Diamondback Billy James Alphin Arkansas Rangers 1624 AR
 8.  Drifter Ken Price Wisconsin Peacekeepers 1300 WI
 9.  Dry Run Lynn Odland Powder Horn Ranch Regulators 2191 SD 
10.   Gambler  Randy Mathews  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  L3469  ID 
11.  Gunnison Ford  Steve Andrews  Colorado Pistoleros  1348  CO 
12.   Jeremiah  Jeremiah Cummons  San Juan Shootists  1654  CO 
13.  The Island  Kevin Yeo  Powder Horn Ranch Regulators  3012  SD 
14.  Lady Hawk  Jeanna Matthews  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  L3585  ID 
15.  Lavender Lady  Rhonda Graham  Great Basin Gunhawks  3810  NV 
16.   Lil Sis  Dakota Monroe  New River Fast Draw Club  2049  VA 
17.  Nickem Badly  Doug Crawford  Great Valley 6 Shooters  3748  CA 
18.   Nebraska Kid  Ben Walker  L1675  WI 
19.   Pistol Patty  Patty Krueger  Wisconsin Peacekeepers  278  WI 
20.  Possum  Doyle Qualls  San Juan Shootists  2604  CO 
21.  Prairie Star  Sandi McCoy  Sparks Nebraska Spurs  2439  NE 
22. Real McCoy  Mike McCoy  Sparks NEbraska Spurs  2438  NE 
23.   Ricochet Rose  Jeanie Jones  Gold Country Outriders  2451  CA 
24.   Sense of Yuma  Chris Hutchinson  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  1707  ID 
25. SGT. Major Doug Landry 2216 AZ
26.  Shane  James Casteel  Bluegrass Fast Draw Club  L1674  KY 
27.  Shenandoah  Ken Hurt  Virginia Peacemakers  L2104  VA 
28.  Snake Charmer  Dena Alphin  Arkansas Rangers  2565  AR 
29.  Spanky  Tim Duncan  Old Dominion Fast Draw  L1284  VA 
30.  Texas MArshal  Demetrius Correy  Colorado Pistoleros  L1161  CO 
31.  Tin Cup  Chad Hackman  The Deputies  3291  CA 
32.  Witlock  James Anderson  The Deputies  3141  CA 


2016 Top Hand Award Recipients

 Alias Name  Club  CFDA # State
 1.        Big Ugly Scott Malone
 2. Dag Nabit Darin Wagner Bar T Gunfighters L154 CA
 3.  Hankerin' Hank Eric Castell Old Pueblo Gunfighters 2954 AZ
 4. Honcho Ueli Bracher Lake Agovie Gunfighters 3384 Switz
 5.  Kansas Belle Deborah Hadley Deer Creek Regulators L1479 KS
 6.  Lightnin Debra Stadin L1508 MN
 7.  Marshal's Daughter Ginger Horn Lone Star Gunslingers L4113 TX
 8.  No Daisy Dennis Dias The Cowboys L3568 CA
 9.  Rooster Cogburn Johnnie Jones Gold Country Outriders L2382 CA
10.   Single Phase'n  Ron Bates The Cowboys 3801 CA
11.  Specs Gene Jackson Old Pueblo Gunfighters 2940 AZ
12.   The Shootist Doug Horn Lone Star Gunslingers L4106 TX
13.  Star of Africa Nicky Gist Lone Star Gunslingers L3715 TX
14.  Von Zipper John Heitzel Single Action Savants L2800 FL


2017 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias Name CFDA# Club State
Alonzo Slim Craig Trowbridge 2641 Old Pueblo Gunfighters AZ
Black Eyed Susan Susan Dudsic 3609 Black River Bandits WI
Blackfox Lil Dana Coffey L4125 Green Country Gunsl OK
Blacky Pete Daryl Brown 3720 The Cowboys CA
Blue Hawk Jill Dempsey 4236 Cracker Cowboys FL
Boss 45 Tom Robertson 2271 Rio Salado Vaqueros AZ
Cheyenne Star Sheena Openshaw 4502 Great Basin Gun Hawks NV
Clear Shot Marsha McCowan 3024 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Diamond Girl Lisa Jenkins L4535 Green Country Gunsl OK
Diamond Rose Colleen Castillo 4403 Green Country Gunsl OK
Dirty Harry Harry Dell 3610 Genoa Mavericks NV
Dry Gulcher Casey Jordan 2584 Assoc. of AZ Gunslingers AZ
Etta Mae Lyani McCoy 4450 Lost River Ranger OR
Fossilman Marvin Stadin L1241 Black River Bandits WI
Fowl Shot Bobby Grilli L4003 The Sundowners CA
Green River Nick Maiden 3891 Bluegrass FDC KY
Grinnin Grizz John Barrett L4413 Lost River Rangers OR
Ida Hitt Nida Gyorfy 2066 Eagle Rock Outlaws ID
Hangman Jim Gyorfy 2065 Eagle Rock Outlaws ID
Huckleberry Honey Kelli Grilli L4090 The Sundowners CA
Huntr Dan Dan McGowan 3564 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Jackie Daniels Amanda Eilrich L2472 Great Basin GunHawks NV
Long Ranger Kevin Wills 2571 Grandview Gunslingers VA
Ol Buck’r George Armstrong 4091 The Sundowners CA
Outlaw Rich Rich Mercure 2992 Sparks Nebraska Spurs NE
Mad Dog Ken Hadley L1442 The Deer Creek Reg KS
Marshal’s Daughter Ginger Horn L4113 Lone Star Gunslinger’s TX
McGillakuttie Joesph Brown 3711 The Cowboys CA
Mendy Andrew Mendolia 4044 Cracker Cowboys FL
Montana Monte Russell L53 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Moon Shadow Kirby Mullen 1632 The Deer Creek Reg KS
No Name Frank Jaramillio 1958 Assoc. of AZ Gunslingers AZ
Outlaw Ike DJ Kirby L2961 Single Action Savants FL
Sand Bur Mike Burge
San Juan Sister Sandi Bomgaars 4166 San Juan Shootist CO
Scrap Iron Dick Gudowski L3454 Copper Creek Rangers WI
Seven Dwight Flippen 4077 Virginia Peacemakers VA
Silver Bullet Mike Thompson 2299 Grandview Gunslingers VA
Shady Lady Sherry Pumphrey L1900 Deer Creek Reg. KS
Shadow Walker Dan House 4335 Great Basin Gun Hawks NV


2018 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias CFDA # Club State
Apache Bob      # 2388 Keystone Gunslingers PA
Apple Pie    #2525 Rio Salado Vaqueros Arizona
Black Gold        # 4961 Lone Star Gunslingers Texas
Cali Red    # 3441 The Deputies California
Gunsmoke      # 4681 Cracker Cowboys  Florida
Grim                    Life #4954 Virginia Peacemakers Virginia
Grumpy    # LIFE 3377 Green Country Gunslingers Oklahoma
Harley Quinn      # 4215 The Deputies California
Jake  # 1659 San Juan Shootists Colorado
Joker      # 4212 The Deputies California
Madame K    # 4173 Lone Star Gunslingers Texas
Miss Lily Belle    # 4604 The Cowboys  California
Miss Shotwell      LIFE # 3121 Grandview Gunslingers  Virginia
Missouri Jim # LIFE 2705 Green Country Gunslingers Oklahoma
Nara    # 3369 The Cowboys California
Otto Matic Life # 3054 Old Pueblo Gunfighters Arizona
Papa Bear  #1224 Black River Bandits Wisconsin
Riverside            #3984 The Deputies      California
Run Fat Man Run  # 3898 The Deputies California
Scorpio    # 2765 The Deputies California
Sgt. Buck    #4172 Lone Star Gunslingers    Texas
ThumbZee McMuffin  #1662 Black River Bandits Wisconsin
Tinker Belle    # 1660 San Juan Shootists  Colorado
Tishminga  #LIFE 3478 Old Pueblo Gunslingers Arizona
Two Walks #2579 The Cowboys California
Village Idiot    # 4645 The Deputies California


2019 Top Hand Award Recipients

1.      Appalachian Hillbilly Roger Pierson # 5400 Bluegrass FDC, KY
2.      Bad Burro Brad Miller # L2699 Bar T Gunfighters, CA
3.      Billy the Kid Billy Welborn # L4145 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
4.      Brothel Bouncer A. Georgooplos # 5260 Virginia Peacemakers, VA
5.      Cherokee John John Palmer # 2564 Randolph County Rangers, AR
6.      Cherokee’s Lady Becky Palmer # 3317 Randolph County Rangers, AR
7.      Chickasaw Warrior Charles Gilmer # 630 The Cowboys, CA
8.      Chuckwagon Costa Magoulas # 5344 Cracker Cowboys, FL
9.      Crosswired Zane McCoy #L4576 Crooked River Rangers, OR
10.  Granny Oakley Suzanne Hess # L2171 Old Pueblo Gunfighters, AZ
11.  Gun Doc Brad Turner # 5211 Grandview Gunslingers, VA
12.  Gypsy Girl Eve Ann Margoulas # 5345 Cracker Cowboys, FL
13.  Hafta B. Fast Charles Lester # 3683 Flatlanders Shootist Society, FL
14.  Hawkshaw Ed Hawkins # 642 The Cowboys, CA
15.  Lil’ Bit Jocelyn Comstock # 4742 San Juan Shootist, CO
16.  Iron Hip David Inick # 4682 Treasure Valley Gunslingers, ID
17.  Lady Buzzard Linda Smart # 3232 Treasure Valley Gunslingers, ID
18.  Lobo Randy Wolf # 902 Black River Bandits, WI
19.  Mean Gene Gene Comly # 1955 The Cowboys, CA
20.  Ms. Cisco Paula Sissel # 2562 Bluegrass FDC, KY
21.  Olden’ Fast Kevin Browning # L 3613 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
22.  Philippine Red Sheryl Verdadero # 5144 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
23.  QC Carver Brian Moulton # 4679 Rio Salado Vaqueros, AZ
24.  Quigley John Rydgren # L4989 San Juan Shootist, CO
25.  Ranger Reeves Derek Holton # 5143 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
26.  Risky Dame Jana Reznicek # 2583 Bar T Gunfighters, CA
27.  Rooster No Hit Terry Tallant # 5663 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
28.  Soapy Smith Steven Hacker # 1884 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
29.  The Lady Heather Heather Helmuth # 4486 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
30.  Tulsa Flash Randy Sandridge # 2369 Route 66 SmOKin’ Guns, OK
31.  Tuscarora Scott Shoemaker # 5162 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
32.  Wa-Hoo Steve Keuppers # L3324 Black River Bandits, WI
33.  X Cleve Silcox #L4369 Route 66 SmOKin’ Guns, OK
34.  Yosemite Sean Sean Morgan # 5101 The Cowboys, CA


2020 Top Hand Award Recipients

ALIAS                                                    NAME                                   CFDA#                  CLUB & STATE

Adirondack Kid                                 Marty Tobin                       #5737    Cracker Cowboys –FL.
Blazin’ Bob                                          Robert Potter                    #6041    Single Action Savants –FL.
Buckwheat James                            Curtis Rudd                        #2744    Eagle Rock Outlaws- ID.
Cimarron Kid                                     Rick Marron                       #3223    Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID
Corkey                                                  Rita Perry                            #L166    Comanche Moon Renegades, TX.
Dakota Joe                                         Joe Bass                               #4633    Randolph County Rangers –AR
Dancing Fish                                      Kristin Ward                      #5001    Snake River Gunslingers – ID.
Debbie Sioux                                     Deborah Walker              #3073    Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID.
Dog Iron                                               Steven Foreman               #4112    Route 66 smOKin Guns -OK
Gunslinger Lilly                                Bonnie Bish                        #L2057  Keystone Gunslingers -PA
Gringo Pistolero                               David Johnson                  #5370    The Cowboys – CA.
Irish Tim                                              Tim McLaughlin                #5694    Cracker Cowboys – FL.
Kid Colton                                           Richard Moniak               #L4593  Snake River Gunslingers –ID.
Latigo                                                    Eric Smith                            #4501    Route 66 smOKin Guns –OK
Nessuno                                              Lynn Williams                   #L5331  Snake River Gunslingers – ID.
No Tellin’                                            Chris Wright                      6061       Randolph County Rangers-AR
Mississippi Kid                                  Duke Jethro                       #1564    The Cowboys – CA.
Montana Skye                                   Linda MEASEL                    #L2499  Keystone Gunslingers – PA.
Old Drifter                                          Lou Mega                            #4139    Gold Country Outriders –CA.
Pony                                                      Danny Deal                        #4401    Single Action Savants – FL.
Roley Bear                                          Bill Bear                               #5767    Route 66 smOKin Guns – OK
Sandy                                                    Mel Sanderson                 #L5792  Snake River Gunslingers –ID.
The Buckney Kid                              William Walker                3976       Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID.


2021 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias                                    CFDA#             Year Joined                  Club                             State
Blue eyed Bandit                 #2235                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers              TX
Cardoza Kid                         Life #L1002      2007                The Cowboys                                   CA.
Crazy Jane                            Life #L4371      2016                Rt 66 SmOKin Guns                       OK
Crystal J                               Life #L5810       2019                Great basin Gunhawks                   NV
Dago                                      #5675                 2018                Black River Bandits                        WI
Delta Whiskey                     #2234                2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Diablo Daisy                        Life#4256         2015                Gold Country Outriders                 CA
Diamond Jim                      Life #L4490      2017                Great Basin Gunhawks –              NV
Just Rock                             #5518                  2019                Virginia Peacemakers                    VA
Lead Pioson                        Life #L4534       2016                Rt 66 SmOKin Guns ~                   OK
Mud Cat                               #2232                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Pink Sunset                         #5736                 2019                The Cowboys                                    CA
Rattling Rob                       #5608                 2018                Rio Salado Vaqueros                      TX
Scarlett Bandit                   #2288                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Still Shot                             Life #L5086      2017                Old Pueblo Gunfighters                  TX
W. Le Fors                          Life #L4151        2015                Gold Country Outriders                 CA
Whip Lash                          #3765                 2015                Big Thicket Bushwackers,              TX


2022 Top Hand Award Recipinets

Alias                                       CFDA#                    Year Joined                          Club                                                          State              
AIN’T MISSIN’                       CFDA#6385             JOINED 2021                           ROUTE 66 SMOKIN GUNS                   OKLAHOMA
AMBUSH                                 CFDA #4307            JOINED 2018                           SAWTOOTH SHOOTIST SOCIETY     IDAHO
BAR STOOL BOB                   CFDA #L6035         JOINED 2019                           CRACKER COWBOYS                             FLORIDA
BUFFALO GAL                       CFDA #5757            JOINED 2020                           SAN JUAN SHOOTIST                           COLORADO
CHOPS                                      CFDA #5813            JOINED 2020                           BLUEGRASS FDC                                  KENTUCKY   
COLD HARD CASH               CFDA#6384            JOINED 2021                           ROUTE 66 SMOKIN GUNS                  OKLAHOMA
CRAZY J                                   CFDA #5551            JOINED 2019                           SAN JUAN SHOOTIST                          COLORADO
DESERT DINGO                    CFDA #L6010         JOINED2019                            PROMONTORY POINT POSSE           UTAH
DOGBOY                                  CFDA #L1608         JOINED 2009                           ASSOC OF AZ GUNSLINGERS           ARIZONA
DUELIN DAN                         CFDA #L3832         JOINED 2014                           THE COWBOYS                                      CALIFORNIA
FATHERTIME                        CFDA #6227            JOINED 2020                           THE COWBOYS                                    CALIFORNIA
GUN SHY                                 CFDA #6483           JOINED 2021                           BLUEGRASS FDC                                  KENTUCKY
GOLD DUST                            CFDA #3329           JOINED2013                            OLD PUEBLO GUNFIGHTERS -        ARZONA
HALF FAST EDDY                 CFDA #L3529         JOINED 2015                           EAGLE ROCK OUTLAWS                    IDAHO
HEARTBREAKER                  CFDA #6228           JOINED 2020                           THE COWBOYS                                    CALIFORNIA
HEX                                           CFDA #6456           JOINED 2021                           DIRTY FACE GANG  -                          COLORADO
KRAZY K                                   CFDA #6118           JOINED 2020                           CRACKER COWBOYS                         FLORIDA
LUCKY LEFTY                         CFDA #6560          JOINED 2016                           BAR T GUNFIGHTERS -                     CALIFORNIA
PATCHEM QUICK                  CFDA #L3680       JOINED 2014                           THE DEPUTIES                                     CALIFORNIA
QD KATE                                   CFDA #6081          JOINED 2019                           THE DEPUTIES                                     CALIFORNIA
REBEL YELL                            CFDA #4716           JOINED 2016                           THE LONE STAR GUNSLINGERS    TEXAS
RED                                            CFDA #2737           JOINED 2012                           EAGLE ROCK OUTLAWS                    IDAHO
RICOCHET                               CFDA #1247           JOINED 2008                          PROMONTORY POINT POSSE          UTAH
RICOCHET REBON               CFDA #4898           JOINED 2017                           RANDOLPH COUNTY RANGERS-   ARKANSAS
RINGO KID                              CFDA #L4720        JOINED 2016                           THE LONE STAR GUNSLINGERS    TEXAS
RIVERBOAT GAMBLER       CFDA #5847           JOINED 2019                           HILL COUNTRY FAST DRAW           TEXAS
TALLAHASSEE                       CFDA #5024           JOINED 2017                           SAWTOOTH SHOOTIST SOCIETY    IDAHO
YUCCA KID                              CFDA #L2199         JOINED 2016                           ASSOC OF AZ GUNSLINGERS            ARIZONA


History of Fast Draw


History of Fast Draw

History of Cowboy Fast Draw

History Archive
"As I Recall" - By Bill Boyd
TV, Tenacity, and the Faber FasDraw Timer - By Marianne Faber
"My Take on the History of Fast Draw" By George A. Reese

CFDA Founders Club



History of Fast Draw

By: Quick Cal a.k.a. Cal Eilrich

The following is a very abbreviated history of the sport of Fast Draw, an entire full length book could be authored on this subject.  It is an attempt by those of us who believe that documenting the stages of the history of a sport that is based on the American Old West and has existed for almost 60 years is important.  Those with knowledge are invited to submit facts known to them here, as this is meant to be an online working document and a resource for those seeking information about the Sport of Fast Draw.

Tied to the American Old West

Fast Draw found its beginnings in the mid-1950s amidst the era of the television western.  Since the beginning era of motion pictures western movies had always been popular.  In 1903, a twelve minute film was made called The Great Train Robbery.  This milestone achievement in film making was based on a true train robbery carried out by Butch Cassidy and the 'Hole in the Wall Gang' on August 29th, 1900, only 3 years prior.  Even though it was made on the east coast, it helped spawn a new motion picture industry in Hollywood, CA where weather was more dependable.  "Did Hollywood invent the western, or did the western invent Hollywood?"

Before Hollywood there were the dime novelists, some of whom actually followed certain gunmen around in the actual time period and promoted their subjects to a legendary status.  There was an actual term in the old west
'quick on the draw', which actually meant hot-headed and quick to draw a gun with very little provocation,   It was really this group of literary figures that coined the phrases quick draw, fast draw, gunfighter and gunslinger in the late 1800s and very early 1900s.  These exciting stories created a rich environment on which to base early western movie screenplays.

Hollywood Westerns

Western movies were king during the 20s, 30s and 40s, with Tom Mix and Gene Autry as Hollywood's Top Box Office Stars.  Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne and a host of others became huge box office sensations.  But it was really the era of television where weekly serial westerns reigned, that spawned the nationwide interest in Fast Draw.  Wanted Dead or Alive, Maverick, Paladin, Texas Ranger, The Rifleman, Lawman, Wagon Train, Johnny Ringo, Bonanza and Gunsmoke are just a few of the westerns that captured the imagination of Americans.

During the 1950s there became a need in Hollywood for gun coaches and trainers for many of the movie actors who needed to become proficient with six-guns.  Arvo Ojala was the most popular coach to the stars and his pupils have become a 'who's who' list of celebrities including Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Dale Robertson, James Arness and Hugh O'Brian to name a few.  Arvo was also a noted maker of fast draw holsters, but he was most famous for getting gunned down by Marshal Matt Dillon in the opening segment each and every week in the longest running TV western in history, "Gunsmoke."  Arvo once told me that the royalties that he earned from that one scene paid for many Cadillacs over the years.

The romance and legend of the American West grew stronger each year during the 50s as over 100 western performers toured the country entertaining millions of Americans.  Rodd Redwing, Thell Reed and Joe Bodrie were the best known of the gunslingers.  Roy Rogers and Clayton Moore made hundreds of appearances.  There were emerging performers during the 60s as well Stan Sweet, Bob Munden, and Joe Bowman among them.  Hugh O'Brian who was starring as Wyatt Earp wagered $1,000 to any Hollywood actor that could beat his timed draw.  In 2006, I had the privilege of interviewing Hugh O'Brian.  He confirmed this story but said it was actually $5,000 and that no one ever beat him, and some did try.  He also confirmed that Audie Murphy called him out, but insisted that they use live ammunition, Hugh declined the offer.  Of special note; after performing a show in 2010 in Reno, I was honored to have a Vietnam Veteran approach me and he told me a story about Hugh O'Brian.  While he served in combat in Vietnam, the USO Tour had entertained the troops and Hugh O'Brian was among them.  Even though his weekly Wyatt Earp role had ended a few years prior, he felt the troops would best know him portraying that character.  After hearing that some soldiers had to miss the performance Hugh O'Brian went to the front lines in his full Wyatt Earp costume complete with his double dropped loop holster sporting a pair of 7-1/2" Colt .45s, he preferred the Buntline Colts for photos.  He did some gun spinning and the hand clap trick with a number of the soldiers, while in the line of fire; they loved it!  I ran into Mr. O'Brian a little later that year and relayed the story the veteran told me; he remembered it, confirmed it and smiled.  He said the USO people were really upset with him for putting his own life in danger.  I can tell you that Mr. O'Brian is still a hero to that soldier and that soldier is still a hero to Mr. O'Brian.

The Sport of Fast Draw is Born

Dee Woolem, a native Oklahoman was employed by Knott's Berry Farm in Anaheim, CA to perform as a stuntman, he staged train robberies and entertained millions of visitors of the park for a number of years. In 1954, with the help of technicians at the park, he created the very first fast draw timer.  That year he conducted the first known timed fast draw competition, there were 12 competitors and he billed it as the National Fast Draw Championship; first place was a chicken dinner.  Contestants placed their trigger finger on a button and the hand had to be placed 6" away from the six-gun at the closest point of contact.  The timer would start as soon as the hand was moved towards the six-gun and would stop at the sound of a safety blank being fired; judges had to determine if the fired shot was level.  Dee held four National Championships and won all of them with his record being .12 hundredths of a second.  Dee went on to tour the nation and made countless appearances for Great Western Firearms, Crossman Arms Co., and Daisy Firearms.  Dee also designed his own holsters, which were marketed by Tandy Leather and he was billed as "The Fastest Gun Alive".  Dee rightfully has earned the title of "The Father of Fast Draw."

Fast Draw Organizations

During the 50s and early 60s, it seemed the entire country was consumed with the image of the American Old West.  Colt Firearms hired George Virgines, a well-known fast draw artist and sport organizer from the Chicago area to write a brochure on "How to Form a Fast Draw Club".  There were Fast Draw clubs forming all over the country. Contests were hosted by clubs and it seemed that each club had their own set of rules.  Although no firm figures exist, it has been calculated that there were over 100,000 fast draw participants in the U.S. during that time period.  In 1958 the first known association was formed in an attempt to standardize rules in their region, which included Northern California and Nevada. Harry Goudge, the Denim Brothers, George Narasaki and A. John formed the Northern California Fast Draw Association, with a one page set of rules; this evolved over the next decade into the Western Fast Draw Association.  In the next year or two a number of state associations were formed from coast to coast.

In 1961, while conducting a National Fast Draw Championship in Kansas, a meeting was held to form a National Fast Draw Association, by Jim Kennedy of Irvine, TX, but it didn't take hold.  In 1961, the Mid-Western Fast Draw Association was formed in the Chicago area by Don Oplinger and George Virgines and by the mid-60s most clubs and states in the Mid-West opted in.  Some state associations still exist to this day. The WFDA (West and Northwest) tended to favor closer and easier to hit targets and were more speed orientated and shot primarily .45 blank cartridges at 4" balloon targets, with some wax events thrown in.  The MWFDA (Mid-West and South) favored more challenging to hit targets with wax bullets and occasionally shot blanks and valued accuracy over speed.

There were a number of publications that were circulated but most were short lived.  The Gunsmoke Gazette, published by Bud Young appeared in 1961; the Pacesetter was published in Kansas starting in 1962; the Sagebrush Sentinel in 1964 & 65; Top Gun Magazine (WFDA) Ron Mossholder '65-'66; Fast Draw Digest '67 by Don Oplinger; by 1968 both the WFDA and MWFDA started to publish monthly newsletters that continued until they merged in 1976.

A legendary figure in the sport by the name of E.L. "Pop" Warner, who actually rode with Poncho Villa and was in real stand up gunfights in his day, traveled across the country competing and commenting on standardizing the rules between both major associations; he lived to see his goal achieved.

In 1976, The Western Fast Draw Association and the Mid-Western Fast Draw Association merged to form the World Fast Draw Association (WFDA); which still exists.  The sport has seen ups and downs mainly due to constant rule and equipment modifications and the lack of a unified direction that dates back to the 1950s. The guns and holsters became highly modified and over the years the even the wax targets were increased in size and speed became the predominant goal.

In 2002, Cowboy Fast Draw, LLC was founded in Deadwood, SD by Brad and Susan Hemmah and has grown to the largest Fast Draw organization by far in almost 60 year history of the sport.


Guns:  Became highly modified in the quest for speed.  It began with adding fanning hammers in the late 50's, then aluminum barrels came along a few years later.  By the 1970's some guns were skeletonized and metal parts were replaced with aluminum and titanium.  Action jobs included deepened notches and approaches, but evolved into short stroke actions. Thumbing hammers were almost non-existent due to the fact that 95% of
competitors fanned the guns. John Phillips was highly regarded as the top Fast Draw Gunsmith.

Holsters:  In the mid-1950s Hollywood holsters mainly consisted of Mexican loop holsters rigged to fit through a slot cut in the belt, hence the term drop-loop holster.  Metal lining was added and holsters started to be attached to the belt to allow forward cants.  As twist-fanning evolved the boots were attached to shanks and then they were enlarged.  By the 1970s the boots got so large that the term "bucket boot" was used to describe the fast draw rig.  Some of the early top manufacturers were Arvo Ojala, Andy Anderson and Alfonso's of Hollywood.  As the 60s and 70s progressed Blocker Holsters, Ernie Hill Speed Leather and Mernickle Holsters were widely used.

Timers:  In the mid-1950s they used clutch driven timers that had a sweep hand that when tuned 360 degrees it was equal to one second, and the clock face was divided in 1/100th of a second.  These timers varied widely
in accuracy and were off as much a 1/10th of a second from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Through the 50s and 60s the 3 main Fast Draw Timer manufacturers were Chrondek, Microtron and Fabor.  In the 70s digital timers became widely used and eventually required. John Phillips introduced the Lindsey Timer, other timer manufacturers were Bill Corbin, John Smith Hughes and in the 1990s the Fast Trac was introduced but supplies were very limited.
In 2004 the Precision Timer was introduced by Shoot Magazine, recently produced is the Quick Draw Electronics Timer and CFDA's Gunslinger Cowboy Fast Draw Timer.  The modern timers used LED lights which make the timing much more accurate due to the fact that incandescent bulbs had varying illumination rates.

Contributing Credits So Far:  Ron Bright, Bob Arganbright, Ken Gentry, Bill Boyd....

History of CFDA

The year was 2001, Brad Hemmah had been very involved with Fast Draw for over 15 years, first with a local club in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  They competed with stock guns and shot .22 blanks at balloons from 6'.  He then began competing with the World Fast Draw Association (WFDA) starting in the late 80s and got very involved with the organization.

In 1992, Brad started to host a number of top quality World Championships that continued through the 90s in Deadwood.  He became disillusioned with the constant diversity of opinions and internal politics that kept fracturing the organization.  Brad then formed a vision of creating a new organization based more on the reality of period correct equipment, simplified rules, the Spirit of the Cowboy Way, and with the motto Safety First and Fun Second being the primary concern.   A founding principle was to keep guns stock, with only internal action jobs allowed, so that anyone could go to almost any gun shop and purchase a gun that would be competitive on a World Championship level.

Brad dedicated many hours of interviews and research of facts and opinions by many advisors, most who had been involved with Fast Draw for the decades dating back to the 50s.  Among those advisors were such Fast Draw icons as Tom Wentz, Jim Standridge, Bob Arganbright, Jim Martin, Ron Bright, Cal Eilrich, Ron Phillips, Bob Mernickle, Bill Corbin, Ray Theilke, Wes Flowers and a host of others.

In 2002, The Cowboy Fast Draw Association, LLC was officially filed in State of South Dakota by Brad and Susan Hemmah located in Deadwood, SD.  The forming of this organization literally provided a re-birth for the Sport of Fast Draw. What Brad came up with was very close to the same set of rules that CFDA still operates under today.  The organization was formed as a business entity so that it would have a chance to succeed and
to keep it as free as possible from internal politics.

In 2003, Andy Fink of Shoot Magazine competed in CFDA's first major contest, The Master Gunfighter Championship, in Deadwood, SD and covered it in Shoot Magazine.  Troy and Bonnie Bollock were spectators at the Master Gunfighter Championship and then later that year founded CFDA's first affiliated club The Powder Horn Ranch Regulators in Mitchell, SD.

In 2004, Shoot Magazine hosted the first major contest outside of Deadwood the CFDA National Championship and the first clubs were formed outside of South Dakota in Idaho.  The first CFDA World Championship was held in Deadwood and the first CFDA State Championship was held at Cabela's in Mitchell, SD by the Powder Horn Ranch Regulators.

In 2005, the first CFDA Affiliated Club was formed in the western time zone, by Cal Eilrich in Fernley, Nevada.
In December of 2005, Andy Fink and Cal Eilrich had a meeting and discussed promotional ideas concerning Cowboy Fast Draw and recognized the potential the sport had.  They drafted a letter and sent a partnership proposal to Brad and Susan Hemmah.

In 2006, Brad and Susan Hemmah had already realized that administrating CFDA was becoming a full time job and Brad was pursuing new business opportunities related to the casino business and could no longer dedicate the necessary time that CFDA required.  They decided to sell their interest in CFDA to the partnership of Cal Eilrich and Shoot Magazine Inc. (Andy Fink).  The Hemmahs felt that they were leaving CFDA in good hands, due to Cal's business background and long history in the sport both as a competitor and administrator; and Shoot Magazine's promotional abilities.  The transfer took place in April of '06 and CFDA offices moved to Boise, ID.  CFDA at that time had just over 300 members and 5 affiliated clubs.

Marshall Hopper, who worked for Shoot Magazine at the time, became the Membership Director and was the first full time paid employee in the history of organized Fast Draw.

CFDA almost immediately began to spread from coast to coast and started to gain national attention in the media and within the firearms industry.  That same year CFDA began the practice of members adopting an alias to be known by within the sport and also established category championships.

Andy Fink a.k.a. Chucky (Shoot Magazine) was indeed instrumental in spreading the word about Cowboy Fast Draw through their magazine and was in charge of editing and publishing the Gunslinger's Gazette, which was originally a full color glossy magazine.

Cal Eilrich a.k.a. Quick Cal assumed the position of overseeing contest procedures, rules, club formation strategies and developing equipment and other innovations needed to build the sport.  He also headed up the effort to define, rewrite and reorganize the CFDA Rulebook, which became the CFDA Gunslinger's Guidelines.
He was committed to do so without violating the original principles that the organization was founded upon.

Marshall Hopper a.k.a. Mississippi Marshal handled all membership issues and processed orders from the CFDA Mercantile.  He was instrumental in the organization of the sport and played a huge role in writing the Range Officer Course, Youth Safety Training Program and defining the true Spirit of the Game.

In 2007, CFDA hosted both the National and World Championships and established the CFDA Range Officer Course and Youth Training Program.  By the end of 2007, CFDA's membership grew to 1,000 members and about 20 affiliated clubs had formed, but unfortunately Shoot Magazine went out of business due to a loss in advertising revenues at the beginning of the recession.  Quick Cal purchased Shoot Magazine's interest in CFDA and moved the business office to Fernley, NV.  Cal's daughter Erika Frisk a.k.a. Hannah Calder joined the staff as the editor of the Gunslinger's Gazette, converted the publication to the more affordable and current newsprint format.  It was November of 2007 when CFDA began issuing numbered membership badges for all new members beginning with membership #1,000. Mississippi Marshal kept the membership office and CFDA Mercantile running in Idaho City, ID and he and the Idaho Shootists hosted the National & Idaho State Championships; they built their club to over 130 members.

In 2008, CFDA moved the World Championship from Deadwood, SD to Fallon, NV and trademarked the name "Fastest Gun Alive". The sport continued to grow and spread from coast to coast.  The Regulator Posse was formed by Quick Cal in 2008 to establish an experienced and specially trained group of volunteers to represent CFDA across the country and assist in establishing new clubs and to instruct the CFDA Range Officer Course.
Mongo, was elected the Sheriff of the Regulator Posse and still holds that position today.

2009 & 2010 saw an explosion in the number of CFDA Affiliated Clubs and Titled Championships across the nation and the formation of the first international clubs.  By the end of 2010 CFDA was just crossing 2,000 members and about 40 affiliated clubs.  CFDA also launched its computerized scoring program created by CD Tom, which has revolutionized contest management.  Mongo was instrumental in continuously refining and working with CD Tom in perfecting this very complicated and versatile scoring system.

2010 also saw the formation of CFDA Shoot for the Stars Scholarship Program.  Blackjack and Fannie Mae have done an amazing job getting this project off the ground. The program accomplished non-profit status by the end of 2011 and is starting to award scholarships to our young CFDA members in furthering their education.

In December of 2010, a very tough decision was made by CFDA Management to close the office in Idaho and bring all membership and product services to the Nevada office, due to organizational and budget considerations.  Mississippi Marshal continues to be an Ambassador of the Spirit of the Game and has been the key announcer at major competitions.  He also serves on the Director's Council which is a key component of day to day decisions and issues facing CFDA.

In 2011, Dinah Eilrich a.k.a. Alotta Lead joined the staff full time to handle the duties of Membership Director & Club Liaison.  She instituted new programs such as a very comprehensive "Club in the Works" package and has overseen updating and upgrading the CFDA data base; and processes orders for the CFDA Mercantile on a daily basis.  She also answers the many phone calls and questions by CFDA members and new folks looking to get involved with Cowboy Fast Draw.    CFDA also introduced the Gunslinger Cowboy Fast Draw Timer to provide reliable continuity in Fast Draw timing equipment for years to come; workable audience displays also made their debut at the Nevada State, Oregon State, National and World Championships.

Currently (February of 2012) CFDA is issuing membership numbers at over 2,600 and there are about 70 clubs affiliated or in the process of doing so.  The sport continues to gain national attention and was recently featured in Guns of the old West and on national television in Shooting USA.

There are so many fine people who are dedicated to CFDA and what it stands for; far more than can be mentioned here.  They truly represent the very spirit of the Cowboy Way; may that spirit live on forever through the example we can provide for those who follow!



History Archive
This is a special section dedicated to those who would like to tell their experiences of Fast Draw throughout the years.  If you would like to submit and article to be included in the archive, please send them to



"As I Recall" - By Bill Boyd (added July 17th, 2012)

 TV, Tenacity, and the Faber FasDraw Timer - By Marianne L. Faber

"My Take on the History of Fast Draw" - By George A. Reese (added January 27, 2017)


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Club Map March 2019

 The star indicates general location of CFDA Affiliated clubs.  (Stars may not be precise)

 The dot indicates clubs that are not yet affiliated, but are in process of building their membership.
Please view details below or check out our CFDA Clubs In The Works. Also check out our CFDA International Clubs.


The "Territorial Map" was achieved by dividing the country into 10 territories for the purpose of promoting "Territorial Championships". As the CFDA has grown so has the demand for more titled matches beyond the State Championship level. Based on location, a Territorial Championship can now be created in the respective area.
To view the Contact Information for the Territorial Regulators, CLICK HERE

For more information email

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please email changes to 
Club information posted here is also published in the Gunslinger's Gazette.

Affiliated Clubs By State







France / Switzerland

Clubs Listed Alphabetically 
(Includes Affiliated & Clubs in the Works)

3:10 to Yuma Gunslingers / .45 Sidekicks 
Aces High Fast Draw LLC / Alabama Gang GunslingersAssociation of Arizona GunslingersBar T Gunfighters
Big Thicket BushwackersBlack River BanditsBluegrass Fast DrawBuccaneer Spurs FDC / Butte County Rangers
 California RangersCheyenne River RegulatorsComanche Moon Renegades
Cracker CowboysCrooked River RangersCross Branded Peacemakers / Cut 'N' Shoot Marshals
Deercreek Regulators / Dirty Face Gang / Dixie Rangers Eagle Rock OutlawsGold Country Out Riders /
Golden Mount Gunfighters  /  Grandview Gunslingers / Great Basin Gun Hawks / Great Lakes Gunslingers /
Hickory Flats Shootists Society / Hill Country Fast Draw / Honey Creek Cowboy Fast Draw
Keystone GunslingersLake Valley Argovia Gunfighters / Lone Star Gunslingers / Mud Creek Gunslingers
New River FDCNorth Star Bandits / North Texas Society of Gunfighters / Old Dominion Fast Draw /
Old Pueblo Gunfighters /  Powder Horn Ranch RegulatorsPrairie State PossePrairieville Desperados
Promontory Point Posse / Pinkerton Regulators
Randolph County RangersRented Mule Fast Draw ClubRio Salado VaquerosRiver City Gunslingers
Route 66 smOkin GunsSan Juan Shootists / Sandhill Outlaws and AngelsSawtooth Shootist Society
Single Action Savants CFD ClubSnake Creek BoysSnake River Gunslingers
Sparks Nebraska SpursSundowners Cowboy Fast Draw ClubSunshine State Shootist 
Tennessee Gunslingers / Texas Gun Club RegulatorsThe Bounty HuntersThe CowboysThe Deputies
The Open Range RegulatorsTin Star Regulators / Treasure Valley GunfightersTreaty Rock Freedon Fighters  /
Virginia Peacemakers / West Texas RangersWisconsin Peace Keepers / Yellow River Bandits 

** Are You Looking For A Cowboy Fast Draw Club Near You? **
If you do not see a club listed in your area or state, have no fear!
Give CFDA Headquarters a call today and see just how easy it is to get a club started in your area! 
775-575-1802 or 


Alabama Gang Gunslingers
Location: Altoona, Alabama
Contact: Thomas Winslette "Alabama"
Phone / Email:  (205)706-3118 /
Club Shoot: 1st Saturday each month
3:10 to Yuma Gunslingers
Location: Yuma, Arizona
Contact: George Wagner "Saddle Horn" 
Phone / Email:  (719)660-9466 /
Club Shoot: 3rd Sunday
Association of Arizona Gunslingers
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Contact: Mike Holzer "Shady Mike" 
Phone / Email: (602)770-1430 or
Club Shoot: 4th Saturday of the Month
Old Pueblo Gunfighters
Location: Marana, Arizona
Contact: "Hankerin Hank" 
Phone / Email:  (520)307-4677 or
Club Shoot: 1st & 3rd Saturday each month
Rented Mule Fast Draw Club
Location: Prescott Valley, Arizona
Contact: "Noah Chance" 
Phone / Email:  (928)772-0173 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday each month
Rio Salado Vaqueros
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Contact: Bart Carr "Mule Train"
Phone / Email: (480)710-3593 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday & 4th Wednesday
Randolph County Rangers
Location: Pocahontas, Arkansas
Contact: "Diamondback Billy"
Phone / Email: (870)892-3257 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday each month
Butte County Rangers
Location: Oroville, California
Contact: "Ol Buck'r"
Phone / Email: (530)521-1941 /
Club Shoot: 2nd Sunday each month
California Rangers
Location: Pomona, California
Contact: Chris Feeback "Colt McCoy"
Phone / Email: (909)618-4958 or
Club Shoot: contact for info
Gold Country Out Riders
Location: Newcastle, California
Contact: Johnnie Jones "Rooster Cogburn"
Phone / Email: (916)663-4786 or
Club Shoot:  1st Saturday each month
Club Practice: Every Wednesday 6-9pm & Sunday at 2pm
Mud Creek Gunslingers
Location: Chico, California
Contact: Robert PErkins "Turd Herder"
Phone / Email: (530)624-2742 /
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday & Every Wednesday @5:30pm
Sundowners Cowboy Fast Draw Club
Location: Vacaville, California
Contact: George Narasaki "Sundowner"
Phone / Email: (510)323-3407 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday each month
The Bar T Gunfighters
Location: Vista, California
Contact: "Risky Dame"
Phone / Email: (760)518-7474 or
Club Shoot:  2nd Sunday of each month
The Cowboys
Location: Oakdale, California
Contact: "No Daisy"
Phone / Email: (209)262-7643 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday
The Deputies
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Contact: Mike Karsten "Cowboy Up"
Phone / Email: (909)527-5225 or
Club Shoot:  3rd Sunday each month at Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamongo
Dirty Face Gang
Location: Ellicot, Colorado
Contact: Rick Driver "Dirty Rotten"
Phone / Email: (719)661-9524 or
Club Shoot:  1st Saturday each month
San Juan Shootists
Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Contact: Dave Miller "Mongo"
Phone / Email: (970)731-9140 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday each month  
.45 Sidekicks
Location: Summerfield, Florida
Contact: Lee Wonders "Doc Lee"
Phone / Email: (352)673-5838 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday each month  
Cracker Cowboys
Location: Bunnell, Florida
Contact: Martin Brabham "Smokin Gun"
Phone / Email: (386)931-5613 or /
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday each month (Starting January 2022) 
Single Action Savant's Cowboy Fast Draw Club
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Contact: John Heltzel "Von Zipper" (904)626-6520 or
Contact: Bill Keyes "Bill Bonney" (904)230-6948 or 
Club Shoot:  1st Sunday each Month at the Saltwaters Shooting Club
900 Big Oak Rd, St. Augustine, Fl 32095
Sunshine State Shootists
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Contact: DJ Kirby "Outlaw Ike"
Phone / Email: (904)502-0571 or
Club Shoot:  3rd Sunday each month
The Open Range Regulators
Location: Ocala, Florida
Contact: Clark Vandevander "I B Nobody"
Phone / Email: (863)528-0490 or
Club Shoot: Every 4th & 5th weekend of the month (call for more info) 
Hickory Flats Shootists Society
Location: Canton, Georgia
Contact: "Pale Rider"
Phone / Email: (770)318-7775 or
Club Shoot:  3rd Saturday each month
Eagle Rock Outlaws
Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Contact: "Dangerous Dave"
Phone / Email: (208)420-3887 or
Club Shoot:  1st Saturday each month 
Sawtooth Shootist Society
Location: Boise, Idaho
Contact: Larry Lansdowne "Curley Calhoun"
Phone / Email: (208)860-1615 or
Club Shoot:  Practice every Wednesday & 3rd Saturday 
Snake River Gunslingers
Location: Twin Falls, Idaho
Contact: "P.G. Taylor"
Phone / Email: (208)732-6123 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday each month  
Treasure Valley Gunfighters
Location: Caldwell, ID
Contact: "Legally Loaded"
Phone / Email: (208)697-0282 or
Club Shoot: 4th Saturday each month
Treaty Rock Freedom Fighters
Location: Spirit Lake, Idaho
Contact: Andrew Parker "Selkirk Rambler"
Phone / Email: (208)755-3107 or
Club Shoot: 1st Saturday each month  
Prairie State Posse
Location: Chatham, Illinois
Contact: Gary Stevens "The Rossiman"
Phone / Email: (217)691-2224 or
Club Shoot:   3rd Sunday
Deer Creek Regulators
Location: Phillipsburg, Kansas
Contact: "Kansas Law Dawg"
Phone / Email: (785)302-8403 or
Club Shoot:  Every Wednesday Evening 
Pinkerton Regulators
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Contact: Joe Richey "Joe Gun"
Phone / Email: (316)943-3572 or
Club Shoot: Every Wednesday of the Month
Bluegrass Fast Draw Club
Location: Beaver Dam, Kentucky
Contact: Nick Maiden "Green River"
Phone / Email: (270)256-0675 or
Club Shoot: 4th Saturday every month
Cross Branded Peacemakers
Location: Libuse, Louisiana
Contact: James Dezendorf "Major D"
Phone / Email: (318)451-3043 or
Club Shoot: Practice 2nd Saturday, Club Match 4th Saturday 
Great Lakes Gunslingers
Location: Harbor Springs, MI
Contact: "Dead Eye Daisy"
Phone / Email: (231)753-8359 or
Club Shoot: Call for info
North Star Bandits
Location: Claremont, Minnesota
Contact: Mark Burnham "Snake Shooter"
Phone / Email: (507)456-4552 or
Club Shoot: Thursday & Sunday P.M.
River City Gunslingers
Location: Bennington, Nebraska
Contact: Dave Williams "The Deuce"
Phone / Email: (402)660-3800 or /
Club Shoot: 1st & 3rd Wednesday 6-8pm
Sandhill Outlaws and Angels
Location: Alliance, Nebraska
Contact: "Dixie Starr"
Phone / Email: (307)365-1587 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Sunday every month at 1pm
Sparks Nebraska Spurs
Location: Valentine, Nebraska
Contact: "Beaver Creek Kid"
Phone / Email: (605)557-3337 or
Club Shoot: Thursday 7pm & last Sunday each month
Great Basin Gun Hawks
Location: Fernley, NV
Contact: "Nevada Smith"
Phone / Email: (775)297-5229 or
Club Shoot: Every 3rd Saturday and Practice every 4th Monday evening
Honey Creek Cowboy Fast Draw 
Location: Davis, Oklahoma
Contact: Kennith Russell "El Paso"
Phone / Email: (580)768-0884 or
Club Shoot:  Every 1st & 3rd Saturday each month
Route 66 smOKin Guns
Location: Mannford, Oklahoma
Contact: Lisa Jenkins "Diamond Girl"
Phone / Email: (918)760-8179 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday each Month
Aces High Fast Draw LLC
Location: Redmond, OR
Contact: Zane McCoy "Crosswired"
Phone / Email: (541)279-3546 or
Club Practice: 2nd & 4th Thursday every month
Crooked River Rangers
Location: Terrebonne, Oregon
Contact: "Scrub Brush"
Phone / Email: (458)899-4491 or
Club Shoot: 2nd & 4th Saturday
Keystone Gunslingers
Location: Jackson Center, Pennsylvania
Contact: Rod Bish "Dusty Trail"
Phone / Email: (814)786-9341 or
Club Shoot: 1st Sunday at 9am each month & 3rd Saturday
South Carolina
Dixie Rangers
Location: Hartsville, South Carolina
Contact: "Wille B Fast"
Phone / Email: (843)229-0008 or
Club Shoot: 3rd Saturday (call for more info)
South Dakota
Cheyenne River Regulators
Location: Edgemont, South Dakota
Contact: "Johnny Three Toes"
Phone / Email: (605)622-7332 or
Club Shoot: 2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month
Powder Horn Ranch Regulators
Location: Mithcell, South Dakota
Contact: Troy Bollock "Boulder Vaquero" and Bonnie Bollock "Boulder's Babe"
Phone / Email: (605)770-2442 or
Club Shoot: 1st Sunday
Snake Creek Boys
Location: Redfield, South Dakota
Contact: Darrell Ronnfeldt "Dead Eye Darrell"
Phone / Email: (605)472-2122 or
Club Shoot: Every Wednesday Night at 7pm
Big Thicket Bushwackers
Location: Silsbee, Texas
Contact: George Dezendorf "Gentleman George"
Phone / Email: (214)507-0346 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Sunday each month
Buccaneer Spurs FDC
Location: Leland, TX
Contact: "Uncle Jefro"
Phone / Email: (910)330-7179 or
Club Shoot: Last Saturday each month
Comanche Moon Renegades
Location: Odessa, Texas
Contact: David Perry "Boss"
Phone / Email: (432)553-7687 or
Club Shoot: 1st & 3rd Saturdays at 2:00
Cut "N" Shoot Marshals
Location: Conroe, Texas
Contact: "Marshal's Daughter"
Phone / Email: (214)497-9906 /
Club Shoot: Call for Info
Hill Country Fast Draw
Location: Burnet, Texas
Contact: Scott Severance "Slick Sixguns"
Phone / Email: (559)836-9209 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday
Lone Star Gunslingers
Location: Rosenburg, Texas
Contact: Marc Bateman "Ringo Kid"
Phone / Email: (832)598-8580 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday
North Texas Society of Gunfighters
Location: Gainesville, TX
Contact: "Lightnin Jesse"
Phone / Email: (903)818-4164 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Saturday each month
Texas Gun Club Regulators
Location: Stafford, Texas
Contact: Scott Van Note "Revelator"
Phone / Email: (832)539-7235 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Tuesday & 3rd Sunday
Tin Star Regulators
Location: Burkburnett, Texas
Contact: "Jesse James" and "Sassy Pants"
Phone / Email:  (760)646-0765 or
Club Shoot: 1st and 3rd Sunday each month
West Texas Rangers
Location: Odessa, Texas
Contact: Randy Smith "Windmill Kid"
Phone / Email: (432)664-1913 or
Club Shoot: 2nd & 4th Sunday
Promontory Point Posse
Location: Odgen, Utah
Contact: "BA" or "Slowpoke"
Phone / Email: (540)314-7300 or
Club Shoot: 4th Saturday each month
Grandview Gunlingers
Location: Bedford, VA
Contact: Ken Hurt "Shenandoah"
Phone / Email: (540)816-3891 or
Club Shoot: 2nd Sunday each month
New River Fast Draw Club
Location: Woodlawn, Virginia
Contact: "High Country Drifter"
Phone / Email: (276)238-1571 or
Club Shoot: 4th Saturday each month
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Location: Salem, Virginia
Contact: Jeff Duncan "Ringo"
Phone / Email: (504)819-1697 /
Club Shoot: 3rd Sunday each month
Virginia Peacemakers
Location: Amelia Court House, Virginia
Contact: Tim Duncan "Spanky"
Phone / Email: (804)986-6255 or
Club Shoot: 1st Sunday each month
Black River Bandits
Location: Superior, Wisconsin
Contact: Debbie Stadin "Lightnin"
Phone / Email: (218)496-5715 or
Club Shoot: Every Sunday at 1:30
Prairieville Desperados
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Contact: Jeanne Vincze
Phone / Email: (262)510-6745 or
Club Shoot: Call for Info
Wisconsin Peace Keepers
Location: Big Falls, Wisconsin
Contact: Ron Nyhouse "Mule Skinner"
Phone / Email: (715)754-2469 or
Club Shoot: 2nd & 4th Saturday
Yellow River Bandits
Location: Siren, WI
Contact: Jon Paulzine "Dreamweaver"
Phone / Email: (715)431-0762 or
Club Shoot: 1st Saturday
***********   Clubs In The Works  (CIW)  ***************
The Bounty Hunters
Location: West Leechburg, Pennsylvania
Contact: "Pennsylvania Cowboy"
Phone / Email: (814)952-0045 or
Club Shoot: Call for info
Tennessee Gunslingers
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Contact: Gary Pritchard "Dead Eye Diablo"
Phone / Email: (901)336-0204 or
Club Shoot: Call for Info
*************  International Clubs ******************
Golden Mount Gunfighters
Location: chemin St-Leonard 69270
Couzon-au-Mont-d'Or, France
Contact: Stephane Glacon "Black Eagle Montana"
Phone / Email: (33-1)651.64.99.06 or
Club Shoot: Every Sunday
Lake Valley Argovia Gunfighters
Location: Alte Bernstrasse 31
CH-5603 Staufen AG, Switzerland
Contact: Ueli Bracher "Honcho"
Phone / Email: 078-775-5869 or
Club Shoot: Contact for Info