Hall of Recognition

Hall of Recognition

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Hall of Recognition

The Hall of Recognition is a place for CFDA to recognize the recipients of CFDA's most notable annual awards.


CFDA Club of the Year Award 
Sundowner CFDA Award
True Grit CFDA Award
Spirit of the Game CFDA Award
Top Hand Award Recipients



Club of the Year Award

Year Club Location
2006    Powder Horn Ranch Regulators    Mitchell, South Dakota
2007 Idaho Shootists Idaho City, Idaho
2008 Colorado Pistoleros Castle Rock, Colorado
2009 Treasure Valley Gunslingers Caldwell, Idaho
2010 Old Dominion Fast Draw Roanoke, Virginia
2011 Black River Bandits Superior, Wisconsin
2012 San Juan Shootists Pagosa Springs, Colorado  
2013 Powder Horn Ranch Regulators Mitchell, South Dakota
2014 Big Thicket Bushwackers Silsbee, Texas
2015   Blue Grass Fast Draw Club  Horse Branch, Kentucy 
2016  Eagle Rock Outlaws  Idaho Falls, Idaho 
2017 Lonestar Gunslingers Richmond, Texas
2018  Great Basin Gun Hawks   Fernley, Nevada
2019 Virginia Peacemakers Amelia, Virginia
2020 The Cowboys Oakdale, California
2021 The Sawtooth Shootist Society  Boise, Idaho 



"CFDA All The Way" Sundowner Award

The CFDA "All the Way" Sundowner Award was created in 2008 and presented by CFDA Management to the person or couple working as a team that truly promotes the Sport of Cowboy Fast Draw wherever they go. Their efforts extend beyond a single club or state and they influence entire regions to grow the sport across the country. There is only one such award presented each year at the Fastest Gun Alive - World Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw. Recipients of this prestigious award from that time on form the committee each year to nominate and vote on each current year's recipient.

This award was named in honor of its first recipient, George Narasaki a.k.a. Sundowner, who's long and distinguished Fast Draw career dates back to the 1950's. He is not only an accomplished competitor, but has kept his club The Sundowners active for over 60 years. "CFDA All the Way" is a quote coined by Sundowner, as he has traveled across the country supporting clubs hosting CFDA Titled Championship and is always there to help wherever he can.

 2008 George Narasaki a.k.a. "Sundowner"



2009 Dave Miller a.k.a. "Mongo" & Shirley Miller a.k.a. "Wench"

2010 Troy Bollock a.k.a "Boulder Vaquero" & Bonnie Bollocka.k.a. Boulders Babe

2011 Doug Treadway a.k.a. "Noah Chance"

2012 Marshall Hopper a.k.a. "Mississippi Marshal"

2013 Jeff Duncan a.k.a. "Ringo", VA 

2014 Randy Smith aka Windmill Kid & Betty Smith aka Miss Betty

2015  George Dezendorf aka "Gentleman George" & Kay Dezendorf aka "Texas Rose"

2016 Shane

2017 Curley Calhoun and Cool Hand Suz

2018 Honcho

2019 Diamondback Billy & Snake Charmer

2021 Short Keg

2022 Kemosabi


CFDA True Grit Award

This award is presented each year to The CFDA member who represents those who no matter what challenges life throws their way, they face them and never lose faith in the Cowboy Way, and serve as an example for the rest of their CFDA Family to follow.

2009 Bill Barnthouse a.k.a. Billy 2 Guns

2010 Todd Vonfeldt a.k.a. Oregon Cowboy

2011Tony Smart a.k.a. Old Buzzard

2012 Jimmie Odom a.k.a. "Jimmie O"

2013  Robert Norvelle aka "Hell on Wheels"

2014  Prairie Ville Desperados

2015  Gary Adrien aka "Deacon" & Carol Adrien aka "Angel Lady"

2016 Lefty Lipscomb & Wild Shot

2017 Diamondback Billy

2018 Sundowner

2019 Stanislaus

2021 Curley Calhoun

2022 Shadow Rider


CFDA Annual Spirit of the Game Award Recipients

2012    Chisum 
2013  Cody 
2014  Curley Calhoun 
2015  Curley Calhoun 
2016 Nick'em Badly
2017 Wench
2018 Cody
2019 Holli Day
2021 Gentleman George
2022 Old Drifter



CFDA Top Hand Award

 In 2012, the Top Hand Award was created by CFDA to recognize key members who go the extra steps to contribute to the sport both locally and nationally. Each recipient receives a special lapel pin, plus a certificate the read the following:

"Has been recognized by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association for years of unselfish and dedicated service and leadership. Thanks to your contribution, the Tradition of our Western Heritage and the Cowboy Way will live on in the hearts of all who are fortunate to discover Cowboy Fast Draw. Therefore, the title of CFDA Top Hand is hereby bestowed this 6th day of October, 2012."

The following names of the recipients we recognized at the Fastest Gun Alive and are in the process of being posted permanently on the CFDA website. Clubs may nominate members who do so much behind the national scenes for this national recognition. The initial incoming class of recipients was much larger than we expect in future years. This was due to a retroactive acknowledgement that had been long deserved in many cases. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

 CFDA Management

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2020 / 2021 / 2022


    2012 Inaugural Top Hand Award Inductees
Listed in Alphabeti


Alias   Name  CFDA # State
Angel Lady Carol Adrian 187 Kansas
Bad Boy Peter Dickinson 1960 Nevada
Beaver Creek Kid DeanStorms    L687 South Dakota
Billy 2 Guns  Bill Barnthouse    L78    California
Blackjack    Jon Long  298    Idaho
Black River Johnny  John Adrihan   363   Wisconsin
Blondie    Carol Lytle   L150   Nevada
Bob Ed Pain Robert Hurt L1322   Virginia
Boothill Bryce  Bryce Norwick  491 South Dakota
Boulder’s Babe  BonnieBollock    L7     South Dakota
Boulder Vaquero  Troy Bollock  L6    South Dakota
Bounty Hunter Dean White  L67   Idaho
Boss Michael Perry  L165    Texas
Buckshot Chavez AnthonyChavez   641   Arizona
Caleb Larry Hendrick   1266 Idaho
CD Tom  Tom Remily  L2002 Oregon
Chisum  Keith Reagan   L2052  Nevada
Cody  Leroy Gillies    L1015  Idaho
Cool Hand Suz  Kathy Lansdowne L76 Idaho
Connecticut Cat    Cathy Mattson  1661  Wisconsin
Cowboy UP  Michael Karsten   L1800  California
Curley Calhoun  Larry Lansdowne  L77   Idaho
Dakota Star   Brenda Glenn 239  Idaho
Dangerous Dave DavidGyorfy   L65    Idaho
Deacon   Gary Adrian L30 Kansas
Dead Eye Kid  CJ Eilrich  L49   Nevada
Deerslayer Peter Mattson    965   Wisconsin
Desert Lady  Joan Riggleman 1140   Nevada
The Draw    Francis Carlos    733  Arizona
Dusty Bottoms Lori Adrihan  447   Wisconsin
Dusty Trail  Rod Bish L2029 Pennsylvania
Fannie Mae  Treasea Long   299    Idaho
Fightn Joe Baker Jerry Baker L2155 Wyoming
Gentleman George  George Dezendorf 1967   Texas
Genoa Bob  Bob Williams 1668 Nevada
Granny Bee   Barbara Heck 1574 Nevada
Grasshopper  Jill GodfreyAndrews 2130   Nevada
Hannah Calder Erika Frisk   L46 Nevada
Happy Hunter  Fred Tompkins   471  Nevada
Hired Gun  Tom Riggleman   1141 Nevada
Idaho Renegade Brett Gyorfy   2055   Idaho
Jedediah “Cactus” Tubbs Butch Glenn L32   Idaho
Jimmie O   Jimmie Odom L81    California
Krazy Kate    Kathy Zehr L1944 Idaho
Lady Drifter   Donna Bradley  L61    Idaho
Last Will William Cotton  L56  Maine
Legally Loaded   Shirley Coffman    L68  Idaho
Lester P. Larceny F.H. Shimer L1872 California
The Librarian   Debbie Meyers   941  California
Light’nin Jesse Chad Briley L75  Texas
Lucky Lady Diane Royalty  410 South Dakota
Magnolia Blu  Frances Hopper   L98   Idaho
Marshal J B Hickok  Don Valle L124   South Dakota
Masked Rider Drew Canham  L2481    Texas
Master Gunfighter   Gil Guerra Jr. L170   California
Miss Betty   Betty Smith  L2457  Texas
Miss B Haven  Annette Coffman   L91  Idaho
Miss Christy Christy Norwick 492    South Dakota
Mississippi Marshall  Marshal Hopper  L26 Idaho
Mongo  Dave Miller L57 Colorado
Mother Nature   Nancy Storms  L688   South Dakota
Muleskinner    Ron Nyhouse  647   Wisconsin
Muletrain Bart Carr  2023    Arizona
Nevada Smith  Gary Fried    L99  Nevada
Noah Chance Doug Treadway  L90 Arizona
Okie Ed   Eddie Clayton   L1939 Oklahoma
Old Buzzard    Tony Smart    L153   Idaho
Oregon Drifter   Ray Theilke    225 Oregon
Peacemaker  Don Burke L130 Nevada
PG Taylor DavidDelimont   L33  Idaho
Ranger Rockey    Rockey Fennema 1173 Nevada
Rattler   Mike Williams   1817    Arizona
Rimrock  WilliamWhite   L1375   Virginia
Ringo JeffDuncan L156    Virginia
Smoke Wagon  Roger Randolph   1629 Idaho
Snake-Shooter  Mark Burnham 297  Minnesota
Short Keg  Ken Gentry L70    Nevada
Sundowner   George Narasaki  L94   California
Sparrow Hawk   Jan Hendrick  1267   Idaho
Talk A Little   Sherrie Mernickle    L11   Nevada
Talkalot Bob  Bob Mernickle L10    Nevada
Texas Rose Kay Dezendorf   1968 Texas
Thirsty CharlieHolmes L107    Arizona
Uncle Willy  WilliamAndrews  2129 Nevada
Virgil Earp Damion Faith   L103  Australia
Wench ShirleyMiller L58   Colorado
Wild Shot   Randy Lipscomb    L162   California
Windmill Kid Randy Smith    L1748   Texas



2013 CFDA Top Hand Award Recipients

  Alias Name CFDA #  State
1. Black Bart    Doug Haproff 1657 New Mexico
2. Calaboose Bill William Sibole Jr 1483 Arizona
3. Captain Kaufman Troy Kaufman 1125 South Dakota
4. Colt McCoy Chris Feeback 2339 California
5. Cruiser P.T. Condon 2119 Colorado
6. Eagle Eye Justice Sibole 1493 Arizona
7. Gunpowder Puff Reneta Miller 2512 California
8. Half Cock Willie William Sibole Sr. 1481 Arizona
9. Happy Clamper Bruce Whitacre L1822 California
10. High Country Drifter James Monroe III L1875 Virginia
11. Hyde Hunter Jim Higgs 1475 South Dakota
12. Idaho Stretch Kent Johnson 2386 Idaho
13. Lefty Don Smith 964 Wisconsin
14. Melungeon Darrell Wyatt L1764 Virginia
15. Mrs. Stitch Tammy Monroe 3214 Virginia
16. Marshal BK Gunner Robert Krueger 184 Wisconsin
17. Nitro Kid Robert Cummings L140 Colorado
18.  Old Gringo William McDevitt 1350 Colorado
19. Red Lead Slinger Harold Ipoli L121 Idaho
20. Red Ryder Marty Miller 2582 California
21. Shots B Wanderin Brian Schweizer L1575 Nevada
22. Stormie Weather Stormie Schweizer L123 Nevada
23. "T" Dub Troy Condon 2840 Colorado
24.  Time Bandit James GRassmidt 1867 California
25. Trail Boss Ed Iddings 2424 Pennsylvania
26. Whiskers Shawn Pelot L39 Minnesota


2014 Top Hand Award Recipients

  Alias Name CFDA #   State
1.    Big Hoss Allen Horton 2660 VA
2. Big Iron Jim Henry L655 WI
3. Buckwheat Sandi Anderson L1174 ID
4. Cactus Rose Tish Snider-Dunnavant 3124 VA
5. Calamity Shelly Arnold L93 ID
6. Col. Cody Jason Baker 2755 CO
7. Dakota Jake Tom Rose 1731 CA
8. Desperado Dean Miller 1409 ID
9. Dirty Dee Deana Condon 2839 CO
10. El Guapo Scott Christiansen 1719 NV
11. Gray Lady Tammy Oakes 3125 VA
12. Gray Rider Steve Oakes 2615 VA
13. Gray Wolf Vincent Betcher 1897 ID
14. Honey Badger Debbie Condon 2902 CO
15. JD Johnny Gardner L2830 CA
16. Karr'un Iron Karen Empey 2045 ID
17. Kentucky Slim Billy Stockton 2151 KY
18. K.K. Kid Kendra Short L1868 TX
19. Kodiak Richard Schneider 1756 NV
20. Miss Kitty Gloria Jaramillo 2346 AZ
21. Miss T Teresa Cummings 2885 CO
22. Misty Few Karen Miller 1410 ID
23. Lacy Gone Wild   Jana Weaver L1000 CA
24. Little Lady Tina Whittington 1695 ID
25. Miss Lily Judy Smith 1369 WI
26. Mustang Annie Marie Endecott 1610 ID
27. Nobody Joe Blevins 1667 VA
28. One Shot Tim Hack 3095 KY
29. Rail City Slinger Joe Burbridge 1803 NV
30. Rainy Steve Weaver L3333 CA
31. Rossow Mike Rossow L27 ID
32. Saddle Tramp Mack Dunnavant 2589 VA
33. Sagebrush Sal Roxanne Marshall 1673 ID
34. Shakey Flynch Larry Houtz 2311 VA
35. Skinner Bob Marshall 1168 ID
36. Silver Muzzle Daryle Easterly 252 ID
37. Six IRon Butterfly Teresa Dias L2514 CA
38 Southwest KC Karen Carr 2093 AZ
39. Spud Colby Coffman L92 ID
40. Stanislaus Gene Dias L2437 CA
41. Straight Shot Mark Compton 700 ID
42. Sundance Kid Paul Yeager 1750 NV
43. The Counselor Russell Duty 3097 KY
44. The Stud Bill Lefever 2456 AZ
45. The Texan Stan Willard 2069 ID
46. Tucson Steve Endecott 1609 ID
47. Young Blood Tim Smith L2172 KY


2015 Top Hand Award Recipients

 Alias Name  Club  CFDA # State
 1.        Bam Bam Pam Kubik Eagle Rock Outlaws L1065 ID
 2. Brasada Spur  Ron Hess  Old Pueblo Gunfighters L2107  AZ
 3.  Buffalo Kid Thomas Wright  Old Dominion L2213  VA
 4. Cap't Jack Richard Hale Great Basin Gunhawks 3308 NV
 5.  Cheyenne Shooter Charles Boswell New River Fast Draw  3309 VA
 6.  Cool Hand Dan Daniel Hack Bluegrass Fast Draw Club 3100 KY
 7.  Diamondback Billy James Alphin Arkansas Rangers 1624 AR
 8.  Drifter Ken Price Wisconsin Peacekeepers 1300 WI
 9.  Dry Run Lynn Odland Powder Horn Ranch Regulators 2191 SD 
10.   Gambler  Randy Mathews  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  L3469  ID 
11.  Gunnison Ford  Steve Andrews  Colorado Pistoleros  1348  CO 
12.   Jeremiah  Jeremiah Cummons  San Juan Shootists  1654  CO 
13.  The Island  Kevin Yeo  Powder Horn Ranch Regulators  3012  SD 
14.  Lady Hawk  Jeanna Matthews  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  L3585  ID 
15.  Lavender Lady  Rhonda Graham  Great Basin Gunhawks  3810  NV 
16.   Lil Sis  Dakota Monroe  New River Fast Draw Club  2049  VA 
17.  Nickem Badly  Doug Crawford  Great Valley 6 Shooters  3748  CA 
18.   Nebraska Kid  Ben Walker  L1675  WI 
19.   Pistol Patty  Patty Krueger  Wisconsin Peacekeepers  278  WI 
20.  Possum  Doyle Qualls  San Juan Shootists  2604  CO 
21.  Prairie Star  Sandi McCoy  Sparks Nebraska Spurs  2439  NE 
22. Real McCoy  Mike McCoy  Sparks NEbraska Spurs  2438  NE 
23.   Ricochet Rose  Jeanie Jones  Gold Country Outriders  2451  CA 
24.   Sense of Yuma  Chris Hutchinson  Treasure Valley Gunslingers  1707  ID 
25. SGT. Major Doug Landry 2216 AZ
26.  Shane  James Casteel  Bluegrass Fast Draw Club  L1674  KY 
27.  Shenandoah  Ken Hurt  Virginia Peacemakers  L2104  VA 
28.  Snake Charmer  Dena Alphin  Arkansas Rangers  2565  AR 
29.  Spanky  Tim Duncan  Old Dominion Fast Draw  L1284  VA 
30.  Texas MArshal  Demetrius Correy  Colorado Pistoleros  L1161  CO 
31.  Tin Cup  Chad Hackman  The Deputies  3291  CA 
32.  Witlock  James Anderson  The Deputies  3141  CA 


2016 Top Hand Award Recipients

 Alias Name  Club  CFDA # State
 1.        Big Ugly Scott Malone
 2. Dag Nabit Darin Wagner Bar T Gunfighters L154 CA
 3.  Hankerin' Hank Eric Castell Old Pueblo Gunfighters 2954 AZ
 4. Honcho Ueli Bracher Lake Agovie Gunfighters 3384 Switz
 5.  Kansas Belle Deborah Hadley Deer Creek Regulators L1479 KS
 6.  Lightnin Debra Stadin L1508 MN
 7.  Marshal's Daughter Ginger Horn Lone Star Gunslingers L4113 TX
 8.  No Daisy Dennis Dias The Cowboys L3568 CA
 9.  Rooster Cogburn Johnnie Jones Gold Country Outriders L2382 CA
10.   Single Phase'n  Ron Bates The Cowboys 3801 CA
11.  Specs Gene Jackson Old Pueblo Gunfighters 2940 AZ
12.   The Shootist Doug Horn Lone Star Gunslingers L4106 TX
13.  Star of Africa Nicky Gist Lone Star Gunslingers L3715 TX
14.  Von Zipper John Heitzel Single Action Savants L2800 FL


2017 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias Name CFDA# Club State
Alonzo Slim Craig Trowbridge 2641 Old Pueblo Gunfighters AZ
Black Eyed Susan Susan Dudsic 3609 Black River Bandits WI
Blackfox Lil Dana Coffey L4125 Green Country Gunsl OK
Blacky Pete Daryl Brown 3720 The Cowboys CA
Blue Hawk Jill Dempsey 4236 Cracker Cowboys FL
Boss 45 Tom Robertson 2271 Rio Salado Vaqueros AZ
Cheyenne Star Sheena Openshaw 4502 Great Basin Gun Hawks NV
Clear Shot Marsha McCowan 3024 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Diamond Girl Lisa Jenkins L4535 Green Country Gunsl OK
Diamond Rose Colleen Castillo 4403 Green Country Gunsl OK
Dirty Harry Harry Dell 3610 Genoa Mavericks NV
Dry Gulcher Casey Jordan 2584 Assoc. of AZ Gunslingers AZ
Etta Mae Lyani McCoy 4450 Lost River Ranger OR
Fossilman Marvin Stadin L1241 Black River Bandits WI
Fowl Shot Bobby Grilli L4003 The Sundowners CA
Green River Nick Maiden 3891 Bluegrass FDC KY
Grinnin Grizz John Barrett L4413 Lost River Rangers OR
Ida Hitt Nida Gyorfy 2066 Eagle Rock Outlaws ID
Hangman Jim Gyorfy 2065 Eagle Rock Outlaws ID
Huckleberry Honey Kelli Grilli L4090 The Sundowners CA
Huntr Dan Dan McGowan 3564 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Jackie Daniels Amanda Eilrich L2472 Great Basin GunHawks NV
Long Ranger Kevin Wills 2571 Grandview Gunslingers VA
Ol Buck’r George Armstrong 4091 The Sundowners CA
Outlaw Rich Rich Mercure 2992 Sparks Nebraska Spurs NE
Mad Dog Ken Hadley L1442 The Deer Creek Reg KS
Marshal’s Daughter Ginger Horn L4113 Lone Star Gunslinger’s TX
McGillakuttie Joesph Brown 3711 The Cowboys CA
Mendy Andrew Mendolia 4044 Cracker Cowboys FL
Montana Monte Russell L53 Treas. Valley Gunslingers ID
Moon Shadow Kirby Mullen 1632 The Deer Creek Reg KS
No Name Frank Jaramillio 1958 Assoc. of AZ Gunslingers AZ
Outlaw Ike DJ Kirby L2961 Single Action Savants FL
Sand Bur Mike Burge
San Juan Sister Sandi Bomgaars 4166 San Juan Shootist CO
Scrap Iron Dick Gudowski L3454 Copper Creek Rangers WI
Seven Dwight Flippen 4077 Virginia Peacemakers VA
Silver Bullet Mike Thompson 2299 Grandview Gunslingers VA
Shady Lady Sherry Pumphrey L1900 Deer Creek Reg. KS
Shadow Walker Dan House 4335 Great Basin Gun Hawks NV


2018 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias CFDA # Club State
Apache Bob      # 2388 Keystone Gunslingers PA
Apple Pie    #2525 Rio Salado Vaqueros Arizona
Black Gold        # 4961 Lone Star Gunslingers Texas
Cali Red    # 3441 The Deputies California
Gunsmoke      # 4681 Cracker Cowboys  Florida
Grim                    Life #4954 Virginia Peacemakers Virginia
Grumpy    # LIFE 3377 Green Country Gunslingers Oklahoma
Harley Quinn      # 4215 The Deputies California
Jake  # 1659 San Juan Shootists Colorado
Joker      # 4212 The Deputies California
Madame K    # 4173 Lone Star Gunslingers Texas
Miss Lily Belle    # 4604 The Cowboys  California
Miss Shotwell      LIFE # 3121 Grandview Gunslingers  Virginia
Missouri Jim # LIFE 2705 Green Country Gunslingers Oklahoma
Nara    # 3369 The Cowboys California
Otto Matic Life # 3054 Old Pueblo Gunfighters Arizona
Papa Bear  #1224 Black River Bandits Wisconsin
Riverside            #3984 The Deputies      California
Run Fat Man Run  # 3898 The Deputies California
Scorpio    # 2765 The Deputies California
Sgt. Buck    #4172 Lone Star Gunslingers    Texas
ThumbZee McMuffin  #1662 Black River Bandits Wisconsin
Tinker Belle    # 1660 San Juan Shootists  Colorado
Tishminga  #LIFE 3478 Old Pueblo Gunslingers Arizona
Two Walks #2579 The Cowboys California
Village Idiot    # 4645 The Deputies California


2019 Top Hand Award Recipients

1.      Appalachian Hillbilly Roger Pierson # 5400 Bluegrass FDC, KY
2.      Bad Burro Brad Miller # L2699 Bar T Gunfighters, CA
3.      Billy the Kid Billy Welborn # L4145 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
4.      Brothel Bouncer A. Georgooplos # 5260 Virginia Peacemakers, VA
5.      Cherokee John John Palmer # 2564 Randolph County Rangers, AR
6.      Cherokee’s Lady Becky Palmer # 3317 Randolph County Rangers, AR
7.      Chickasaw Warrior Charles Gilmer # 630 The Cowboys, CA
8.      Chuckwagon Costa Magoulas # 5344 Cracker Cowboys, FL
9.      Crosswired Zane McCoy #L4576 Crooked River Rangers, OR
10.  Granny Oakley Suzanne Hess # L2171 Old Pueblo Gunfighters, AZ
11.  Gun Doc Brad Turner # 5211 Grandview Gunslingers, VA
12.  Gypsy Girl Eve Ann Margoulas # 5345 Cracker Cowboys, FL
13.  Hafta B. Fast Charles Lester # 3683 Flatlanders Shootist Society, FL
14.  Hawkshaw Ed Hawkins # 642 The Cowboys, CA
15.  Lil’ Bit Jocelyn Comstock # 4742 San Juan Shootist, CO
16.  Iron Hip David Inick # 4682 Treasure Valley Gunslingers, ID
17.  Lady Buzzard Linda Smart # 3232 Treasure Valley Gunslingers, ID
18.  Lobo Randy Wolf # 902 Black River Bandits, WI
19.  Mean Gene Gene Comly # 1955 The Cowboys, CA
20.  Ms. Cisco Paula Sissel # 2562 Bluegrass FDC, KY
21.  Olden’ Fast Kevin Browning # L 3613 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
22.  Philippine Red Sheryl Verdadero # 5144 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
23.  QC Carver Brian Moulton # 4679 Rio Salado Vaqueros, AZ
24.  Quigley John Rydgren # L4989 San Juan Shootist, CO
25.  Ranger Reeves Derek Holton # 5143 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
26.  Risky Dame Jana Reznicek # 2583 Bar T Gunfighters, CA
27.  Rooster No Hit Terry Tallant # 5663 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
28.  Soapy Smith Steven Hacker # 1884 Comanche Moon Renegades, TX
29.  The Lady Heather Heather Helmuth # 4486 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
30.  Tulsa Flash Randy Sandridge # 2369 Route 66 SmOKin’ Guns, OK
31.  Tuscarora Scott Shoemaker # 5162 Great Basin Gun Hawks, NV
32.  Wa-Hoo Steve Keuppers # L3324 Black River Bandits, WI
33.  X Cleve Silcox #L4369 Route 66 SmOKin’ Guns, OK
34.  Yosemite Sean Sean Morgan # 5101 The Cowboys, CA


2020 Top Hand Award Recipients

ALIAS                                                    NAME                                   CFDA#                  CLUB & STATE

Adirondack Kid                                 Marty Tobin                       #5737    Cracker Cowboys –FL.
Blazin’ Bob                                          Robert Potter                    #6041    Single Action Savants –FL.
Buckwheat James                            Curtis Rudd                        #2744    Eagle Rock Outlaws- ID.
Cimarron Kid                                     Rick Marron                       #3223    Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID
Corkey                                                  Rita Perry                            #L166    Comanche Moon Renegades, TX.
Dakota Joe                                         Joe Bass                               #4633    Randolph County Rangers –AR
Dancing Fish                                      Kristin Ward                      #5001    Snake River Gunslingers – ID.
Debbie Sioux                                     Deborah Walker              #3073    Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID.
Dog Iron                                               Steven Foreman               #4112    Route 66 smOKin Guns -OK
Gunslinger Lilly                                Bonnie Bish                        #L2057  Keystone Gunslingers -PA
Gringo Pistolero                               David Johnson                  #5370    The Cowboys – CA.
Irish Tim                                              Tim McLaughlin                #5694    Cracker Cowboys – FL.
Kid Colton                                           Richard Moniak               #L4593  Snake River Gunslingers –ID.
Latigo                                                    Eric Smith                            #4501    Route 66 smOKin Guns –OK
Nessuno                                              Lynn Williams                   #L5331  Snake River Gunslingers – ID.
No Tellin’                                            Chris Wright                      6061       Randolph County Rangers-AR
Mississippi Kid                                  Duke Jethro                       #1564    The Cowboys – CA.
Montana Skye                                   Linda MEASEL                    #L2499  Keystone Gunslingers – PA.
Old Drifter                                          Lou Mega                            #4139    Gold Country Outriders –CA.
Pony                                                      Danny Deal                        #4401    Single Action Savants – FL.
Roley Bear                                          Bill Bear                               #5767    Route 66 smOKin Guns – OK
Sandy                                                    Mel Sanderson                 #L5792  Snake River Gunslingers –ID.
The Buckney Kid                              William Walker                3976       Eagle Rock Outlaws – ID.


2021 Top Hand Award Recipients

Alias                                    CFDA#             Year Joined                  Club                             State
Blue eyed Bandit                 #2235                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers              TX
Cardoza Kid                         Life #L1002      2007                The Cowboys                                   CA.
Crazy Jane                            Life #L4371      2016                Rt 66 SmOKin Guns                       OK
Crystal J                               Life #L5810       2019                Great basin Gunhawks                   NV
Dago                                      #5675                 2018                Black River Bandits                        WI
Delta Whiskey                     #2234                2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Diablo Daisy                        Life#4256         2015                Gold Country Outriders                 CA
Diamond Jim                      Life #L4490      2017                Great Basin Gunhawks –              NV
Just Rock                             #5518                  2019                Virginia Peacemakers                    VA
Lead Pioson                        Life #L4534       2016                Rt 66 SmOKin Guns ~                   OK
Mud Cat                               #2232                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Pink Sunset                         #5736                 2019                The Cowboys                                    CA
Rattling Rob                       #5608                 2018                Rio Salado Vaqueros                      TX
Scarlett Bandit                   #2288                 2011                Big Thicket Bushwackers               TX
Still Shot                             Life #L5086      2017                Old Pueblo Gunfighters                  TX
W. Le Fors                          Life #L4151        2015                Gold Country Outriders                 CA
Whip Lash                          #3765                 2015                Big Thicket Bushwackers,              TX


2022 Top Hand Award Recipinets

Alias                                       CFDA#                    Year Joined                          Club                                                          State              
AIN’T MISSIN’                       CFDA#6385             JOINED 2021                           ROUTE 66 SMOKIN GUNS                   OKLAHOMA
AMBUSH                                 CFDA #4307            JOINED 2018                           SAWTOOTH SHOOTIST SOCIETY     IDAHO
BAR STOOL BOB                   CFDA #L6035         JOINED 2019                           CRACKER COWBOYS                             FLORIDA
BUFFALO GAL                       CFDA #5757            JOINED 2020                           SAN JUAN SHOOTIST                           COLORADO
CHOPS                                      CFDA #5813            JOINED 2020                           BLUEGRASS FDC                                  KENTUCKY   
COLD HARD CASH               CFDA#6384            JOINED 2021                           ROUTE 66 SMOKIN GUNS                  OKLAHOMA
CRAZY J                                   CFDA #5551            JOINED 2019                           SAN JUAN SHOOTIST                          COLORADO
DESERT DINGO                    CFDA #L6010         JOINED2019                            PROMONTORY POINT POSSE           UTAH
DOGBOY                                  CFDA #L1608         JOINED 2009                           ASSOC OF AZ GUNSLINGERS           ARIZONA
DUELIN DAN                         CFDA #L3832         JOINED 2014                           THE COWBOYS                                      CALIFORNIA
FATHERTIME                        CFDA #6227            JOINED 2020                           THE COWBOYS                                    CALIFORNIA
GUN SHY                                 CFDA #6483           JOINED 2021                           BLUEGRASS FDC                                  KENTUCKY
GOLD DUST                            CFDA #3329           JOINED2013                            OLD PUEBLO GUNFIGHTERS -        ARZONA
HALF FAST EDDY                 CFDA #L3529         JOINED 2015                           EAGLE ROCK OUTLAWS                    IDAHO
HEARTBREAKER                  CFDA #6228           JOINED 2020                           THE COWBOYS                                    CALIFORNIA
HEX                                           CFDA #6456           JOINED 2021                           DIRTY FACE GANG  -                          COLORADO
KRAZY K                                   CFDA #6118           JOINED 2020                           CRACKER COWBOYS                         FLORIDA
LUCKY LEFTY                         CFDA #6560          JOINED 2016                           BAR T GUNFIGHTERS -                     CALIFORNIA
PATCHEM QUICK                  CFDA #L3680       JOINED 2014                           THE DEPUTIES                                     CALIFORNIA
QD KATE                                   CFDA #6081          JOINED 2019                           THE DEPUTIES                                     CALIFORNIA
REBEL YELL                            CFDA #4716           JOINED 2016                           THE LONE STAR GUNSLINGERS    TEXAS
RED                                            CFDA #2737           JOINED 2012                           EAGLE ROCK OUTLAWS                    IDAHO
RICOCHET                               CFDA #1247           JOINED 2008                          PROMONTORY POINT POSSE          UTAH
RICOCHET REBON               CFDA #4898           JOINED 2017                           RANDOLPH COUNTY RANGERS-   ARKANSAS
RINGO KID                              CFDA #L4720        JOINED 2016                           THE LONE STAR GUNSLINGERS    TEXAS
RIVERBOAT GAMBLER       CFDA #5847           JOINED 2019                           HILL COUNTRY FAST DRAW           TEXAS
TALLAHASSEE                       CFDA #5024           JOINED 2017                           SAWTOOTH SHOOTIST SOCIETY    IDAHO
YUCCA KID                              CFDA #L2199         JOINED 2016                           ASSOC OF AZ GUNSLINGERS            ARIZONA