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Cowboy Fast Draw Society - Facebook Discussion Group

CFDA Trading Post is a place for members to post items that they either are selling, giving away, or looking to buy. Please note that you MUST follow all local, state, and Federal laws concerning the sales and/or transfers of firearms. Commercial Posting is NOT allowed. All posts that have not received responses for over 6 months are subject to removable by Administrator, in order to keep page from being to cluttered.

Cowboy Fast Draw Society - Facebook Discussion Group

Postby Quick Cal » April 26th, 2017, 8:28 am

Howdy CFDA Members,

Our CFDA Telegraph for the past few years has been experiencing a lower usage than it did in the past. Since many of our members have found Facebook a lot easier to post comments and pictures on.

CFDA Management has decided to setup a new Facebook Discussion Group Forum called "Cowboy Fast Draw Society." In less than a day we already have over 300 members and it is really active. It's also a great and easier venue for new folks interested in getting started in our sport to get information quickly. Communication is key to the future and current success of our sport

We will always maintain the CFDA Telegraph although we may pare down rarely used sections, since most clubs have their own Facebook Pages now. Facebook does have a huge weakness, in that, on an active forum posts soon are moved down so far, into lack of a better name "cyberspace". They become obscured and may take considerable time to find again, depending on your internet speed. Whereas, posts made on the CFDA Telegraph remain accessible for years and in order, that can be easily found and quickly recovered. So, if you have something important to say that you may want to reference later I would post and then copy them in both places. One for current times on the Cowboy Fast Draw Society, and one for posterity on the Telegraph.

Very similar "Rules of Decorum" are posted on both the Telegraph and pinned to the top of the Cowboy Fast Draw Society Facebook Forum. Both places provide a positive experience for our members and guests.

Have Fun, and Hit'em Fast,

Quick Cal
Hit'em Fast!
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Quick Cal
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Re: Cowboy Fast Draw Society - Facebook Discussion Group

Postby Shenandoah » April 26th, 2017, 7:15 pm

Great idea Cal, glad you did this! See you in FL!
Shenandoah aka Kenneth Hurt
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