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EasyLoader Press

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EasyLoader Press

Postby Hell on Wheels » October 22nd, 2015, 9:26 am

Hey Fast Draw Family!
I recently tried to order an EasyLoader Press in July. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business. Most of you know me, and know I push a wheelchair all day. My hands are getting old and worn, and I need to save them for fastdraw! I have already had two steroid shots in my right fingers, and one in my left wrist. Anyway, I load about 300 shells every other week, and the one-at-a-time method is starting to wear on my hands. So I saw this press at the Southern Territorial and loved it! I wanted one! But, I was too late in getting one. So, if anybody knows someone or has a loader they don't need or want anymore (yeah right) then please let me know. I would surely buy it!


Hell on Wheels (L2748)
Hell on Wheels
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