Quick Cal on WAAM radio--The Cowboy Way and benefits of CFDA

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Quick Cal on WAAM radio--The Cowboy Way and benefits of CFDA

Post by Cliffhanger » January 10th, 2016, 7:33 pm

I appreciate that Quick Cal was able to do a radio show with 1600 WAAM over the weekend. We covered a lot of ground and after listening to it post live broadcast I wish I had given him more time to talk! But it was an hour show and it flew by really fast. A recording of the show can be seen below with the commercials removed.


So thanks Quick Cal for the time. I look forward to future shooting events. I joined up with CFDA specifically to be close to The Cowboy Way and it was a lot of fun to do a radio show like that while taking a break from all the contemporary issues that are on all our minds these days.

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