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Post by Quick Cal » February 1st, 2014, 6:51 pm

On January 31st, ABC's 20/20 ran a special called "Young Guns".

I must admit, that I do not trust the anti-gun spin propaganda that usually is included in main stream media, when it comes to covering anything have to do with firearms. Therefore, I prepared myself to watch the show with a high degree of skepticism. I was very surprised to see that they presented a very valuable and fair observation.

Yes, I do agree that until a child is old enough to have an intelligent conversation, that simply telling them to not touch a gun may not work. No one likes to be "told" what to do, especially a child; it can actually elevate it the allure of the "forbidden fruit". I've found that once a child is old enough to have a sensible learning experience about the safe and proper use of firearms, it is usually very valuable. But, unfortunately many parents choose to attempt to hide the existence of guns and take a "head in the sand" approach. Firearms are part of America and to pretend that they don't exist is not only ignorant, but passes this ignorance onto your children.

This is a very important subject for anyone with children or grandchildren to consider. We are proud that we consider CFDA a public service organization. One of our Primary Goals, "To educate as many people as possible in the safe and proper use of firearms." Our members own guns, we hope that you will all pass on the knowledge and responsibility of the safe use of firearms to everyone in your circles.

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