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Return to Lonesome Lowman 2014 Results

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Return to Lonesome Lowman 2014 Results

Postby Cool Hand Suz » September 29th, 2014, 11:46 am

We had another great turnout for this year's Return to Lonesome Lowman. The weather was beautiful all weekend.

We kicked off Friday night with a Dutch oven dinner prepared by Skinner. Some of the men played a round of Hot or Not. The ladies, once again, enjoyed each others company on the patio with a nice fire and some great wine. They also received this year's commemorative wine glass. Some wine was donated by Bitner Vineyard's and the rest was donated by the ladies. It turned out to be a relaxing fun time and even included some tiara's and robes to set the kicked back mood.

Saturday, we shot the main match until about 3:30pm, and then jumped right into the Eliminator. As we were getting toward the end, we heard Cookie O'Callahan ring the dinner bell and broke for dinner and dessert deliciously prepared by Grubbin' BBQ. After dinner, we geared back up for Night Fire.
Sunday, we started off with Top Shot and then moved on to Poker Run. Once those champions were established, we went right back into the main match. We made good time on Sunday through the events and had everything wrapped up, champions recognized, and the range torn down by 3pm.

Our thanks goes to everyone who attended, helped set up/tear down, and helped to run the range.

Special thanks goes to: Southfork Lodge and Bitner Vineyards - Food: Grubbin' BBQ, Skinner, Grace Overlie (raising funds for a school trip to Europe) - Transportation of range/event equipment and supplies: Idaho Stretch, Gray Wolf & Ms. Hettie, and Red Lead Slinger - Match stickers and wine glass custom design: Katco - Scorekeeping all weekend: Karen.

As always, for those of you who were able to attend, please make us aware of anything we could do better for next year or provide suggestions to add to the fun.

Youth Results:

Annie Oakley Champion: Angel Eyes
Billy the Kid Champion: Kid Rango

Ladies & Men's Main Match Results:

Champions: Legally Loaded & Buzzard Cooper
2nd Place: Loto & Curley Calhoun
3rd Place: Lady Drifter & Straight Shot
4th Place: Misty Few & Gray Wolf
5th Place: Cool Hand Suz & Desperado
6th Place: Ms. Hettie & Gambit
7th Place: KarrUn Iron & Alamo Outlaw
8th Place: Mustang Annie & Skinner
9th Place: Sagebrush Sal & Bounty Hunter
10th Place: Two Talker & Gambler
11th Place: Six Iron Butterfly & Rossow
12th Place: Lady Hawk & Montana
13th Place: Little Lady & Tucson
14th Place: Krazy Kate & Trinity
15th Place: Idaho Bandit
16th Place: Stanislaus
17th Place: Idaho Stretch
18th Place: Red Lead Slinger
19th Place: Buckshot Luther
20th Place: No Daisy

Side Match Champions (Portion of side match proceeds goes to Happy Trails Children's Foundation):

Hot or Not: Gray Wolf
Hit It & Win It (.777): Lady Drifter
Eliminator: Desperado
Night Fire: Loto & Buzzard Cooper
Top Shot: Misty Few (.529) & Straight Shot (.371)
Poker Run: Skinner (2.025)

See you at the next stop,

Cool Hand Suz & Curley Calhoun
Sawtooth Shootist Society
Cool Hand Suz
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