Simple steps to teach you how to write essays

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Simple steps to teach you how to write essays

Post by alanluiz2020 » April 12th, 2022, 2:29 am

The ability to write an essay consists of several skills. Some even a first grader can learn. Others are easier to master closer to 10-11 years. Unfortunately, our school does not consider the ability to be creative, although all over the world writing is given a lot of attention. How parents can teach their child to express their thoughts in writing.
If a child often writes his own texts for various reasons, then he will have no problems with essays. Therefore, you first need to use as well as freedom and a minimum of requirements. We offer the child a topic, let him write a few phrases of his own. Topics can be absolutely anything. "Dogs and cats: who do I love more and why?" What to do if the house is on fire. "Our view from the window."
Then you can edit the text together, show how to make it more intelligible. You can ignore mistakes: the child learns to describe the world, state facts, and express his thoughts using even a preschooler can create simple texts. Then this experience of free creativity helps not to force other people's words out of oneself, but to calmly write one's own.
A technique that helps even the most inexperienced write their first compositions. Have the child, or with your help, find words that relate to the proposed topic, and write them out in three columns: nouns, verbs and adjectives.
You need to try to imagine the whole picture in detail. The more words you choose, the more colorful the story will be and the easier it will be to compose it.This technique is also used in textbooks, but, unfortunately, too rarely.
We can go even further: make a fantastic list of words that don't fit together at all, and then try to write a coherent or ridiculous story in which we use all these words.
School teaches you to write an essay plan. But often the child writes plans, but why they are needed - does not understand. In fact, this is a plan for expressing thoughts and using show this to your child. To do this, you first need to come up with these thoughts (or at least take ready-made ones), and then arrange them in order and prove them with the help of quotes.
To learn how to come up with thoughts, you can talk about a book or a topic that an essay is being written on, and write down everything that comes to mind. Ask each other questions. “What do you think, is Dubrovsky vengeful or not?” "To be a robber - is it romantic?".
In the end, we are left with 2-3 most interesting thoughts that can be expressed in an essay. Then we figure out how to move from one thought to another. Here is the plan and ready.
To prove a thought, you need to choose a suitable quote to it. This can be very difficult for our children. To do this, after all, you need to remember on which page and what the characters were talking about. Really to read once again?! Guard!
Of course, writing an essay is easier for someone who is well versed in the text. But it can be taught. For training, let's draw a plot diagram with page numbers: the first kiss - page 321, the explanation - page 326, the duel - page 332. Now it is much easier to look for evidence for your thoughts.
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Re: Simple steps to teach you how to write essays

Post by RichardWilkin » April 13th, 2022, 3:33 am

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