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Thank You Mongo & Wench!

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Thank You Mongo & Wench!

Postby Quick Cal » October 13th, 2018, 5:24 pm

Mongo & Wench have retired as Regulators. I have posted a letter of Thanks to them on all CFDA social media outlets, but I am also placing it here, so that it will remain permanently display on our online assets.

Dear Mongo & Wench, October 13, 2018

When you told me of your decision last Sunday to retire as CFDA Regulators, I was a little shocked, as you might imagine, but I also completely understand and respect your decision. I apologize that it has taken me these 6 days to respond. But, as you can imagine, tearing down FGA, moving it back to Fernley, and then reorganizing CFDA Headquarters had to be my primary commitment.

THANK YOU! There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all that you have done for our sport. I will explain just some of these things, so that hopefully others who read this letter may begin to comprehend your many contributions.

From the time Wench and I worked together at the 2007 National Championships (Garden City, ID) to Announce and Score Keep the first ever Category Shootoffs, you have both played a major role of CFDA.

You have both been on the leading edge of recruiting for and representing CFDA in so many ways. The hundreds of thousands of miles you have traveled to put on our Try Cowboy Fast Draw at numerous SASS events, various fairs, and other events starting over a decade ago. Building one of the top clubs in CFDA, the San Juan Shootists. Plus, all of the CFDA events that you have traveled coast to coast. You are both true Ambassadors to our sport and always will be. You are admired by many!

You have both played a major role in developing our CFDA Scoring Program from 2010 to current times. Although we were scoffed at by doubters back then, we pressed on together knowing how important it would be for the future of our sport. Now, with all of our 100+ & 200+ shooter events, where would we be without it?!!!

Mongo, as one of the original 2008 appointed Regulators, you became our Sheriff & Administrator of the Regulators. You and Wench have both done so much to keep track of Regulators, Instructors and Range Masters. You have contributed so much to editing rules, training courses, and issuing cards.

Wench, you have offered your services as a Head Scorekeeper at countless CFDA Titled Championships, and always training so many future Head Scorekeepers along the way.

You have both led your club and hosted some of the best major matches in the history of our sport, including our 2016 CFDA National Championship, as well as many Colorado State and 4 Corners Territorial Championships.

You have both always played key roles as members of the FGA Staff as Chief Range Master & on our Scoring Teams.

You both always have had a steadfast commitment to our sport and I, more than anyone else, have relied heavily upon your support all of these years.

And, most of all, you have been and always will be close friends and dear to my heart for so many more reasons than I can find the words to express here. It's also all of the little things you do and the love you share with so many people.

Even though you are leaving behind your duties as Regulators. I know that you both will continue to travel and enjoy CFDA events all across our country. Please, I hope both of you accept the honorary titles of "Regulator Emeritus", it is an acknowledgement of your countless contributions and accomplishments that Cowboy Fast Draw has benefitted from and will build upon into the future. I also hope that you both continue to monitor the Regulator Posse, at your discretion. Your comments and suggestions will continue to be always appreciated. Frankly, both you and your experience is irreplaceable.

With Deepest Respect and Gratitude,

Quick Cal, Executive Director
Cowboy Fast Draw Association
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