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A Message to Our Committed Members, and Others

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Re: A Message to Our Committed Members, and Others

Postby Wildfire » June 12th, 2017, 4:58 am

Well here we go again..... I am CFDA never had the desire to shoot anything else. But I can understand why some others are attracted to try the speed shooting.

I just wish we would let this go. A lot of good people are being hurt by this back and forth bickering. Drawing a line in the sand is just gonna cause the very thing you are trying to prevent. So please please stop. I love this organization and we are better than all this back and forth over something that is just a flash in a pan. We are making it more interesting over keeping it stirred up.
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Re: A Message to Our Committed Members, and Others

Postby Quick Cal » June 12th, 2017, 6:23 am

Good Morning Wildfire,

I respect your views and I too understand the lure of bigger and closer targets, fewer rules and just gripping it and ripping it seeing how fast a time can be recorded. I have also stated that it is a free country and folks can do what they wish.

However, I am also a Fast Draw Historian, and have dedicated many years in the service of shooting sports, especially the general sport of Fast Draw, which has suffered many downward cycles. I have 2 resumes that appear on the CFDA Website, under About CFDA, one for shooting the other for Sport Administration.

With that said, I just will not stand by idly and watch negative history repeat itself. There has been back and forth negativity, due to mixed social media, that many of our members and participants on the other side have felt anguish over and a need to defend themselves. But, at actual CFDA events across the nation, there is nothing but good times and respect for one another going on.

I have stated that I wish anyone luck who promote any safe gun sport or the Cowboy Way in a positive way. But we are the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, the largest Fast Draw organization to ever exist, by far. We do positive things for positive people and we are also known as the CFDA Family.

I will protect that family as if it were my own family, and there is a reason I lock the door at night in my home. But my door at home is always open to anyone who has good intentions, or needs a helping hand, and the same goes for CFDA.

So, it is time that we separate from the negativity and continue on our positive journey of building a successful and sustainable organization, that can last for our children to enjoy.

Thank You!
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