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10th Edition Gun Checker Policy

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10th Edition Gun Checker Policy

Postby Quick Cal » January 3rd, 2019, 8:11 am

8.There is a List of Approved Six-Guns on the CFDA Website. Gun Inspectors should be familiar with this list. However, there are models of six-guns that are acceptable for CFDA competition that may not be listed. Various manufacturers and importers continuously market many versions of six-guns. CFDA Gun Inspectors will not use micrometers or other micro-measuring devices to determine acceptability, it is only a visual inspection by a trained eye, who are expected to be familiar with the general external contours of a SAA, Ruger, or any other firearm type that are acceptable within the parameters of CFDA’s Gun Rules.

It should be noted that there were many slight differences even in various models of factory Colt SAA models in frames, sights, and hammers, even within the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations.

If it visibly looks like a Colt SAA, it is a faithful reproduction. Ruger Vaqueros look like a Colt SAA to most people, but to a trained eye the external differences are quickly apparent, that is why our rules specifically mention various models of Ruger Vaqueros.

CFDA strongly recommends that our members who are considering buying a new six-gun to check our List of Approved Six-Guns. That are so many great choices available from several great companies, why buy first and ask later?
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