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Blue Grass Fast Draw - KY

August Club shoot

August Club shoot

Postby Shane » August 19th, 2018, 5:39 pm

The Bluegrass fast draw club held their August club shoot on August 18, 2018. the results are.

Youth Division:
1st place Ladybug
2nd place Wildhorse

Women Division:
1st place Wildfire
2nd place Outlaw Angel
3rd place No Spring Chicken
4th place Ladybug
5th place Barbie Doll

Men Division:
1st place Green River
2nd place Shane
3rd place Bobtown Red
4th place Wild horse
5th Kid Cisco
6th Dark Star
7th Sam Bass
8th Appalachian HillBilly
9th Rebel Bill
10th Born Runabout
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