Click on the video above to learn about the holsters used in Cowboy Fast Draw.

The CFDA General Store stocks a limited supply of Mernickle Holsters so that our Gunslingers can get started right away!  We only stock the Mahogany color, so that we can maintain a wide variety of combinations that are ready to ship.

 If you would like to order a custom Mernickle Holster, please call Mernickle Holsters directly at (775)575-3166.  Tell'em we sent ya.... 

These holsters  are specifically made for and used in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. These are standard and “in-stock” holsters and are available for immediate shipping. We do not take special orders for holsters, if you wish to order a custom holster, please visit the website on the link provided in each section of products and order direct from the manufacturer, but expect 4 – 6 weeks delivery time when ordering custom built to order holsters. If you want to get shooting right away, you’re in the right place!

Important Ordering Note: The most challenging part of ordering any rig is the size of the gun belt. The buyer is responsible to pick this size accurately. We will gladly exchange the belt with a different sized belt, provided it is returned to us, at the expense of the buyer in brand new condition (if you wear it you own it), along with a check or money order for $12.95 to cover the cost of return shipping. Note: We offer these as a service with very little mark-up, therefore even though we want you to be happy, we cannot absorb back and forth shipping costs on wrong belt sizes.

Please select the options and sizes:

Right Hand Draw Left Hand Draw [Please check one or the other]

Hip Size (holster belt): ______________ (where you will wear the holster, USE TAPE MEASURE, WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON!). Note: Sometimes it is helpful to put on a belt where you wish to wear the holster, then take it off and measure from the end of the buckle to the hole that was used on the belt.

Waist Size (dress belt): ______________ (please supply your pant waist size)(This is the size you normally buy your pants)

(A) Mernickle CFD-5 Holster


In stock
CFD-5 Holster ($159.95) This is the holster that Quick Cal wears in the Hit'em Fast Video. This Mexican Drop Loop Holster features a rawhide lining... More

(B) Mernickle CFD-3 Holster


In stock
CFD-3 Holster ($159.95) This holster has the same features as the CFD-5, but has an 18 degree forward cant, which is popular with many top shooters.... More

(C) Mernickle CFD Belt


In stock
CFD-Belt ($129.95) This 2.5 inch double layered belt is specifically designed to fit the CFD-5 or CFD-3. Both holsters have strategically placed... More

(D) Mernickle Holster CFD Holster/Belt Combo


In stock
Mernickle CFD5 Price: $279.00 This cutting edge holster and belt system features a rawhide lined holster that will keep its shape, and with no forward... More

Please select Hoster size

Please Select Right Handed or Left Handed

Please Select either CFD3 or CFD5

(E) Cartridge Belt Pouch (Open Top)


In stock
Cartridge Belt Pouch Price: $39.99 800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE... More

Please Select Color

(F) Mernickle .45 Caliber Cartridge Slide


In stock
Mernickle .45 Caliber Cartridge Slide ($44.95) This .45 caliber cartridge slide completes your look for an authentic western holster belt rig.  ... More