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Six Guns "Competition Ready"

Are You Looking For a Cowboy Fast Draw Six-Gun?


            Many of our members have access to great choices of six-guns and competent gunsmiths that understand actions jobs suitable for Cowboy Fast Draw in some areas of the U.S.  However, there are some areas of the country where obtaining a suitable six-gun with the action job and timing needed to make it smooth, reliable and resilient for Cowboy Fast Draw competition can be challenging.

            In keeping with our goal to provide a clearing house for products that our members need to get set up and started shooting in Cowboy Fast Draw as soon as possible, we now offer a very limited line of top grade Cowboy Fast Draw Six-Guns. 

            These six-guns are completely ready to go and come complete with a Dead Eye Kid "Six-Gun Setup".  We do not sell our six-guns any other way.  All the six-guns we sell are brand new and have only been test-fired, unless we specifically state otherwise.

            Ruger Vaqueros are generally in-stock and available.  Colt-action style six-guns are also available, with a limited stock of various models that are available.  We only stock guns offered by sponsors of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.  We support those who support our sport, as most of our members do.  Those Sponsors are Ruger, Pietta of Italy, and Taylor's & Co.  We sincerely hope that when choosing your Six-Gun from any source, that you consider who helps make Cowboy Fast Draw possible.    


Payment, Shipping & Transfer Information (We Only Ship To FFL Dealers)

            Cowboy Fast Draw Association holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL).  We only ship (usually USPS) and transfer firearms to other FFL Dealers, which costs $25 per gun.  It is up to the purchaser to choose their FFL Dealer and instruct them to FAX (775) 575-5748) or email ( a copy of their FFL to us.  After receiving payment we will then ship the firearm to your FFL Dealer, who will then be responsible to have you fill out the appropriate forms and conduct a background check, according to Federal and your State Laws and Regulations.


The buyer is responsible to pay all transfer fees, background checks directly to their FFL Dealer of choice.


All Firearm Sales Are Final.  In the unlikely event that your FFL Dealer cannot process your transfer paperwork due to a background check that did not pass.  The buyer may contact our office and request a return of the firearm and a refund of the sale.  The gun must be returned to CFDA only by the FFL Dealer that it was originally sent to, in the original condition.  A refund of the sale will be made, minus the original $25 shipping fee and a 10% re-login/re-stocking fee.        

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