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Cowboy Fast Draw Videos

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  1. Hit 'Em Fast - The Ultimate Cowboy Fast Draw Instructional DVD

    Hit 'Em Fast - The Ultimate Cowboy Fast Draw Instructional DVD

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    "This video is everything that I know to make you the best Cowboy Fast Draw shooter that you can be. I held nothing back! Learn the proper fundamentals of the "Fast Draw" which are: Stance, Grip, Leverage, and Trigger Control. Learn how to practice to improve your timing, shot placement, and all out speed. I also share with you the finer points of competition strategy and the all-important mental game. Learn how to perform your best where it counts, when it's all on the line at a major championship! I personally guarantee that no matter what level of shooter that you are, you will learn some valuable lessons watching this video". Quick Cal aka Cal Eilrich has won more major fast draw championships than anyone in the over 50-year history of the sport. He has competed successfully at the highest levels in all of the major action shooting sports World Fast Draw, IPSC, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, Cowboy Action Shooting and now Cowboy Fast Draw. He is also an accomplished firearms instructor for both civilian and law enforcement. 120 Minutes Introductory Price: $29.99 Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

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